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Where Can I Buy A Digital Scale From?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yogi Bear, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. I'm wondering if anyone can help me out and let me know what type of stores sell them, I'm not looking to spend alot of money on an expensive one, just simple one that does the job...I'm sure you know what i mean.

    As of right now i only buy small weed bags but i might just buy an ounce or half every now and then so im gonna need a scale to know if im gonna be getting my moneys worth...but anyways yeah, I need advice from people on what kind of stores sell them because nothing comes in my mind on where to go to find one lol

    Thanks in advance :smoking:
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  3. I specifically asked which STORES I can buy one from, i didn't ask what websites or how to search online, please take your time to read before you try to get smart
  4. lol dont get mad i thought it would be funny but i guess you have no sense of humor. i would suggest looking at somthing called a headshop where they usually sell scales for measuring amounts of marijuana.. otherwise the cheapest place you would get them is online

    you can also try radioshack, walmart.. those are the only 2 i could think of
  5. is ebay a store?
  6. ok thanks man
  7. yeah ebay would be considered a store but he wants names of retail stores i guess

    p.s. op, did you try the search function on this website? you may have found what you were looking for from previous threads about where to buy scales
  8. I'd say yeah, but because I don't own a credit card, buying anything online is pretty much out of the question....although it would be so much easier
  9. Anyone 18 or older can get a bank account and debit card without a cosigner.
  10. while this is 100% true 99.999% of the time. I would never buy anything online with a debit card because it does not have any of the securities that a visa or master card offers when it comes to fraud and theft.

    But seriously go to amscot and get a prepaid gift card mastercard. You dont need to be 18 and it works just like a credit card. Put some extra money then you would think you need and then buy some gum or something to use it up.
  11. You can pick them up at any store that sells cooking supplies, near all the measuring cups and spoons. Try Bed Bath and Beyond, they had a pretty nice selection of scales last time I was there.

  12. False.

    Just READ (and UNDERSTAND) the conditions/terms of use associated with your Debit Card, OK!?

    Have you ever read them?

  13. At least in my area you can get some in certain convenience stores, just not in the ones that are franchises like 7 11 and short stop
  14. $12 when on sale.

    Digital Pocket Scale


    But maybe you should re-think buying quantity's of MJ if you can't even think of (at all)which stores sell Digital scales because you might be putting yourself in a situation there...
  15. That's just plain wrong.

    ^^^This. My debit card is protected exactly the same as my credit cards. It also has the advantage of being the card for my 'petty cash' account so even IF something were to go wrong there are only a few thousand dollars max in there at any given time.
  16. If you have ever had a debit card theres a visa logo on it meaning it can be used as a visa credit card and is protected in the same way. I lost my debit card a few months ago and I reported it lost or stolen and visa required that my bank give me a new card with a new cc number on it. If your worried about getting your money stolen from the bank account then you should open up a paypal account and use virtual credit cards that are good for 1 transaction only and then expire. This way your also protected by paypal and even if someone trys to use that number it wont be valid anymore.
  17. A headshop or healthfood store.
    If you are over 18, a headshop shouldn't be a problem for you.

    Or like OSG said, open up a credit card and order from your friendly neighborhood Grass City.

  18. Brian Fantana:
  19. to the op, just look on, i bought a gram scale on there for 5.99 and with shipping it all came out to 11.02. look and you shall find
  20. Every headshop I'vbeen to carries them...

    you can also try electronics stores such as best buy, radioshack, etc. Wal-mart, target, etc may carry them in your area

    Try local convieniece stores too. One close to me sells scales, pipe screens, all kinds of wraps, cigars, papers, cigs, etc. Even packs of the little dimebags

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