Where Can I Buy A Bong In Israel ? Is It Safe To Bring A Brand New One Threw Tel Aviv Airport?

Discussion in 'General' started by piofaz, May 8, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone!
     im going to tel aviv for vacation for 2 weeks. I'd like to know if u guys have some info where to buy a real bong (not hookah) in tel aviv and if the kiosk sell them (i heard some shit about some laws that prohibits the selling).
    Otherwise, if its not possible to sell, i will bring a brand new one in my luggagge (you can see in the pic) but i prefer not.
    Thank you very much


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  2. Your not going in Jamaica.You can't just simply get a bong through Israel Air Port.I Live in Israel.Trust me,the best place in Israel to burn the herb is Tel-Aviv.Nearly every kiosk has one.If you ever wan't weed just go to Allenby 30th ST near the beach,just ask anyone there looking sketchy outside any store to sell you some.
    Just ask them for Mr Niceguy (Yeah it's the strongest and cheapest herb you would ever find)
    15g-100 shekel
    40g-200 shekel
  3. who would want to go to Israel?
  4. Guys,
     thank you for your information... but I need to know if there are stores and kiosk that still sell bong in stores or what...
    im worried beacuse i read this article... http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3104160,00.html
    "According to the clause memorandum, the selling of bongs spread lately over kiosks and grocery stores, where teenagers shop. These devices are also imported into Israel in large quantities. The availability of these tools encourages the use of drugs, and creates the impression that the law enforcement is forgiving about such violations.
    \nBongs are specialized water pipes that use vacuum pressure to force smoke into a user's lungs, enhancing the effects of the materials smoked. They can be made from many materials, including plastic, glass and metal.
    \nThe memo also said that the clause is difficult to enforce on sellers and importers because the authorities must prove that these tools were used for drug purposes. Bongs can be also used as decorations or smoking devices for drugs that are not prohibited by the Dangerous Drug Order.
    \nThe new clause, though, explains that even if a device, like the bong, is not used for other purposes, its possession is illegal if it was made for drug use."
  5. Israel is that last place id visit

    Fear of getting randomly bombed
  6. Israel is not like other countries in the region and is very safe. Even countries like Iran or Lebadon are safe enugh to visit.
    As for the bong question I'm sure you won't have a problem bringing a brand new unsued bong through customs, it is technically a tobbaco pipe and the worst they will do is take it away (though unlikely). If you cannot find a store that sells bongs in Tel Aviv  (I'm sure you can) then buy a corncob pipe, or regular bowl.
  7. Jews I would imagine lol
  8. Vacations are for being 16 again man. Whip out the trusty water bottle bong / soda can pipe. So much less sketchy
  9. Yup, they've never failed me. Now I just use one hitters though for less sketchy appareance

    - From the desk of HerbicidalMania

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