where are you all from and what type of prices/slang/culture you have

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  1. heres what i want this to be: i want all kinds of slang names for weed/pipes etc in your area each area of the states/canada has there own lil weed sub-cultures and there own traditions with weed and there own ways of supplying/slang/prices so name the area which you live in( america/canada/uk etc and whats it like to live with weed in your life, how much does it cost what its called and shit like that.


    ill go first:

    for me i live in canada-->alberta-->calgary and in this city (calgary) theres only 900 000 people but almost all of the city is involved with drugs and in particular weed in one form or another so heres how much in canadian itll cost me for weed:

    1 gram= 10 dollars

    8th= 30 dollars somthimes 25

    1/4= 60 dollars

    1/2= 100 dollars

    3/4=130-140 dollars

    1 oz= 180-200 dollars

    for us in my part of the city in the SE roaches are a delicacy. the're higly sought after and traded as a sub currency. somone might say you owe me 5 bucks but if you give me 4 roaches we can call it even shit like that roaches and weed are the big currencys for us if you have no money but have weed its just as good :p

  2. Hahaha! (sigh)...
  3. ya its funny but true tell me a bit about what its like getting weed in your area :p

  4. I don't have any dealers at all. I just go to random parties and go up to the top(usually third) floor. Thats where all the smoking is going down. I can usually find someone trying to sell bud that I don't know. Last time i picked up 2 dimes of good nugs(light green, orange hairs, enough crystals). They were 0.6 grams for 10 bucks, which ain't too bad.
  5. damn man those are some pretty crappy prices...



    gram-5 bucks



    Half Oz-50

  6. you probably know a dealer, im in a new area and a gram is 15, 8th 50, then you can figure it out...all the way to a four hundred dollar ounce. its cool though soon ill have my own KB plant.
  7. they call it "fire" down here, thats if its good. they also try to call some weed "live" i stay away from that sshit, its for kidz! (schwag)
  8. where i live its hard to get weed so most people smoke hash

    1gram costs like 15dollars (100kr)

    if you have some ok contacts when you buy for 500kr you get 7 grams (2grams bonus)

    and if you buy for 1000kr ca 150dollars you get 15grams 5 grams bonus..

    and if you buy 100grams you should get it for 50kr per gram
  9. ok now lets translate some of that what is a dub? what is a dime and whats kr stand for? lets kinda be more detailed cause i wanna learn more about what its like in other places in the world with weed :p
  10. well dub means 20 regardless..... thats what ive always thought anyways, and here a dub is half a quarter. horrible, 40$ for a slack dub , so called quarter in tenn. in GA i was used to paying 40 for a half, but then again i had alot of friends into selling
  11. so 2 grams is a dub?
  12. Toronto Canada..

    dime sack = $10

    sometimes sold in increments of $10

    an 8th is anywhere from $35 to $50

    and so on

    slangs are weed, herb, cheeba..

    with friends it's anything from skittles, yummies, grass, reefer, or anything like that plus the ones i listed above

    ya that's about it. can't think of anything else to add besides downtown toronto has some pretty sick head shops..

    i wanna go to holland so bad..
  13. here there are 2 big general terms for weed....regs= shitty bud and krypto= good bud

    for regs a gram is 5 bux and o's usualy sell for around 75
    for krypto a gram is 15 bux and if u found an o for 300 you would be lucky.

    this is my first post on this forum..found it while taking a break from some hw, so nice to meet you all
  14. round here in oregon, shit costs 15 a gram, a dub is 1.4g's, 1/8 is $40-50 depending on quality, quarters usually range from $80-100 depending on how much the person is deserving to get taxed, and i usually pick up O's anywhere from 200 for beast up to 320 for the best chronic around
  15. i am from california. I currently live in the bay area. Best way to describe the bay area is its very diverse, whatever your style or your views theres a group of people with the same intrests in the bayarea. From hardcore gangster rappers to gays and lesbians you can find it all in the bay area. The bayarea is a pretty marijuana friendly place, oakland has about 6 or 7 medical canibus clubs , theres probally a good 20 or so in the bay area. Bayarea smokers are very spoiled as well, anytime my friends from texas or other states come out here they are allways impressed with the weed.... As for slang some slang i commonly use is: Dojah , Bomb , Herbs , A chopa is a blunt , a oscar is a ounce. People from the bay are also very proud of the living in the bay, until youve lived here you just dont know what your missing, great weather great wowmen and great weed.

    you go bay area, are baseball teams both lost but are ganja will kick your ass anyday of the week, just take a hit off some g13 x hash plant, it cost 65 dollers an 8th, and it tyakes you to an alterd plain of existence. But i only get that stuff once in a blue moon. usally i get like skunk #1 or hurricane. They are a little cheaper but still expensive. We also have this stuff called Bam shwag that you can get for 60 bills an oz. it is good if you want to smoke a lot of weed on the weekend, but dont have alot of money.
  17. BC, weeds called weed, indo, bud, chron, pot, nothing special

    joints called doobs, dooches, dutches, doochies, dutchies, doobies.

    (i use weed, bud, and doob)

  18. I live in eastern Massachusetts, and it's pretty dry right now. I have a good dealer though, so I pay $15 a gram, and $45 for an eighth of some kind hydro. We don't really have any slang you wouldn't know, except maybe that we call mids "comersh".
  19. I have lived in kentucky,Indiana,Florida and Pennsylvania
    I have found that there are different code words for each new erea!

    Around here some good commercial or midgrade(wich means
    better than schwag but not as good as kindbud)

    Dime--$10--A stamp bag stuffed full and burnt shut!
    1/8--$20--5 grams
    1/4--$45-$50--10 grams
    1/2--$65--16-18 grams
    1 ounce--$85--$90--30 grams

    I call it herb! It is magical! Wackyweed that is!
  20. I lived near Seattle recently and was always able to get good weed for $40=1/8 and $65=1/4... didn't have to use any slang, because I called and the guy came to my house. Like ordering a pizza.

    Now I live out in God's country (on the Olympic Penninsula) and it ought to be cheaper and more abundant, but I haven't met the right people yet. There so much room to grow out here, but you can't just start knocking on the neighbors doors.

    Still looking for local 'friends'.

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