Where Are They Going To Put The Marijuana Store In Washington? Its Supposed To Be 1000 Feet Of A.....................................................

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    of a school, playground, recreation center or facility (that could mean places like movie theaters or bowling alleys), child care center, public park, public transit center (that could mean any bus stop or train station), library, or game arcade that allows minors to enter.... 
    they cant set up a marijuana store within 1000 feet of ALL those places! Not just schools. Thats just about every inch of Seattle and every other major city in Washington! And theres going to be a lot of nimby out in the suburbs cause too many people are scared to live near a marijuana store. I wonder where will they be able to put the marijuana facilities allowed under I-502 since consumers cant grow it themselves. Theres no where to put it.
    Just wondering what your thoughts are and how this could work.

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    I'm pretty sure every medical state already has laws like that and the dispensaries do fine. Same types of rules can apply to liquor stores and adult stores. 
    It's really not hard to find a location that fits in those parameters.
    Nice try though. 
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    Just think of it this way, how could there possibly be one of those things in every single tenth of a square mile in a huge city? lol Wait... or is it a fifth? I think I screwed up my math because I did the 1000 sq feet in a circle, but just squared 5280 rather than doing a circle. lol Shit...
  4. I think the bigger problem is going to be one or two stores getting a convienent spot and every other store is a struggling buisness because of it, but maybe im wrong. 
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  6. At least it's legal there..  :confused_2:

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