Where are the hot gurls who smoke??

Discussion in 'General' started by Blu_Dr@g0n_B0nG, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. So maybe its just me, or maybe its just my state(Washington), but where are all the hot gurls who smoke bud???? I mean maybe someone should notify the endangered species people and let them know it's time for a update. I really think this is an issue that needs to be assessed, ya know? Let me know how the hot gurl situation(or lack there of) is in your area.
  2. i dunno man, i dont find as many as i should....if u do find any let me know right away (washington state resident as well)
  3. if you hop the ferry in belingham and come up to
    juneau you will find all the girls smoke

    but most of them dont fall into the "hot" catigory

    altho a little farter south 4000 miles or so
    in florida you can find a few

    good luck
  4. I have lots a chick friends that smoke and they are all under 60kg easy!! The thing is, most are taken!! :)

    They are out there mate, don't give up the search!
  5. You got to come to cali caliente. We have great girlies out here. Great, cute stoner girlies. just take a visit and see. Great weed and great people. ( don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's cute stoner chicks everywhere, but I love in cali, so... ya know)
  6. Come out to Philly and the surrounding area and you'll find what ya need. Plenty of hot women who smoke chronic here. At least thats the case in my area. It's a rare thing to find a really hot girl and one that smokes weed.
  7. There out there you just got to know where to look. I got lucky and snagged me one. =)


  8. Maybe we should clone me and repopulate WA ;)
  9. I'm all for repopulation :D
  10. Holy Shit!! That thing looked like a little dick. I duno-what kind of stuff are u into BPP? Just kidding!!!! but I duno man, that was kinda wierd if you ask me. but at least she was doing somethin constructive.lol
  11. Well other than 420Gurlie, it looks like the search was fruitless. I guess its back to the clubs or movin to Cali if I'm to find any hotties. And BTW that is definately some sort of small penis next to her thumb, odd, I didnt know weed caused erections, let alone in females, look out Viagra!!
  12. That's Scarey stuff fella's!!

    It's her clit, with the skin pulled back a little bit. She's showing you her Pee hole!! Lovely! lol....
  13. True, but the penis post is funnier :)

  14. This is the world wide web. I would have been more surprised NOT to have found a site that had naked chicks getting stoned rather than actually finding one.

    Jada, I'm the answer man. *LOL* Blue dragon wanted to know where some hot stoner chicks were, I just pointed the way.

    And now for Vata, if you don't know what the female body looks like when excited and horny, you need to to put the bong down more often and get out and meet some girls. *LOL*

    Would you puff-puff-pass that J after the weiner clit got done?
  15. Why the hell does she have a J in her cunt anyway? Does anyone find that sexy? I bet her parents are proud when they show there photo album to people "here she is with a marijuana cigarette in her privates, here she is with a pipe in her ass, WTF? I hope the picture of her hitting the pipe was taken before she stuck it up her ass, otherwise it brings a whole new meaning to the saying "I got an ass hit"
  16. eh, id pass on that one puffy...:D
    BUT you know people,
    ill bet ya she finished somking that joint along with the camera man..talk about "lipping it"...
  17. Looks like that girl's been excited and horny one too many times in her life or something. I've seen them wiggle and twitch but never grow a little thingy to hit a joint.
    Most of these girls look like they've put their bodies through hell just to look good...some of them don't even look like women anymore, transvestites maybe? I seen a couple Adam's Apples.
    Nevertheless thanks for the link, but I'd have to pass on that grass. I wouldn't want herpes of the mouth!

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