Where are the Dave Matthews Fans?!

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  1. Hell yeah, title says it all, where are you guys at? Right now i'm my parents basement filling out scholarship forms for college and bumping the Live At Radio City concert with Tim Reynolds and Dave on their kick ass surround system and Bluray. Sounds amazing.

    Going to a music festival in MN that Dave will be at in July. Super pumped. So Dave fans, where are you all at?! :D
  2. i dont really listen to dave that much i just go to his concert every year at alpine valley in wisconsin. we just take a party bus up there and get wasted, grill sum bomb ass burgers and of course :smoking::smoking::smoking:....goot times, i cant wait till this years concert.
  3. I'm not a big fan of the Dave Matthews Band but I have to say that the Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds live at Luther College disc is damned good.
  4. hey, i'll give some love to this thread, I AM a dave fan and i do love the music!
  5. Not really a Dave Matthews fan but he is very talented and the live shows are amazing.
  6. I Love Dave Matthews! Crash into Me is probably my favorite song, followed by Crush :) I enjoy Everyday on a nice sunny day!
  7. I love Dave matthew's BAND but dave matthews is decent. He is a great guitarist, mainly because of his large hands and ability to form new and interesting chords. But his band si something else, carter beuford's like the best drummer ever.
  8. everybody in that band is just great at life
  9. Dave Matthews Band is amazing. I'm going to see them around Detroit in July.
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    <-----Right Here.

    Hoping to see 'em a few times.

    But money is tight and there are so many other shows I wanna see.

    Alpine weekend is on the top of the list though.

    Definitely my favorite place to see a concert.
  11. Carter is the drummer who inspired me to start playing drums way back in the day.

    I've only seen them twice, I'm not one of the modern dave-heads who follow them everywhere (and are usually douchebag college bro's), but they were great concerts.
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  13. theyre probably hiding, being fans of dave matthews and all. must be ashamed of themselves.
  14. I'm going to the same place, 10KLF, but i'm going for Umphrey's Mcgee
  15. Dave Matthews Band is brilliant. I'm going to see them in Detroit this summer. :smoking:
  16. Hello, my name is yuiop and I (stands up) AM A DMB FAN!(sits down)
    new album coming out in 6 days! :D
  17. im off to see them in saratoga in june... im so stoked. theyre the best. too bad about leroi tho :(
  18. their new album is RIDICULOUS... i play the whole cd without skipping any songs over and over. never get tired of it

  19. :rolleyes:

    huge dmb fan here, been to 16 shows, with another 4 on the summer tour. amazing live band, life changing when you see them
  20. i would like to add that the new album big whiskey is fantastic, tim reynolds and carter bring it up a huge step. also got to see them at SPAC this summer,

    all along the watchtower

    you dont get better then that!

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