where are the cannabinoids ?

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  1. hello together,

    i hope this is the right forum ?

    i have a scientific/special question.......

    where are the cannabinoids and terpenoids in the plant expect for the trichomes.....

    are there cannabinoids and terpenes in the cell / plantmaterial, too ?
  2. Here they are, in the resin gland heads. Pretty sure there's no secretory glands inside the plant matter.
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  3. ok, thank you !

    but whats about younger plants ? or the big leaves ?

    i have read, that some (0,003%) of thc in the roots, too....

    and thca and cbda are watersoluble........... where are there formed ?

    and why have leaves without trichomes ( becouse kief is make out of this) have an effect to ?

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