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where are the beasters in cincinnati?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by gavenkh, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. i have lived near cincinnati all my life 513 / 937 . several years ago i was able to get awesome beasters... 50/100 :eek: but 325 an O :). it's been forever since it's been around. now i am stuck getting the "headies" that are sometimes awesome and sometimes not great at all, but always expensive. i liked how consistent the beasters are. bring back the beasters! :)
  2. haha 513 and 937 is my hood too, and i usually have some bomb ass beasters for the exact same price haha. the bad thing about our area is that sometimes the weed supply just vanishes and all you can find is poop reggie
  3. and ps thats like 35 mins from cinci haha
  4. 513 has really good bud. You have to actually look to find good beasters or even mids nowadays, besides that its all headies now (killing my wallet)
  5. i heard cincy and cbus have shitty weed flows (in comparison to bigger cities i assume)
  6. all I can say is I hate the beasters, I used to get it also for cheep but thats because its crappy stuff from bc

    grow your own or fund someone else who you can trust to grow for you if you cant in your house because its just crazy to pay for something thats so easy to grow - I am not saying to raise your own animals and run a farm to eat food you buy that stuff but weed come on man its called weed for a reason
  7. haha. i know. i used cinci because if i put "where's all the beasters in sardinia" people would reply, "where the hell is sardinia?". i am actually about 45 minutes from downtown.
  8. wow! thanks for your very strong opinion and instructions on maybe getting in some big time trouble! haha. the thing is, i can get a farm and animals and not get arrested. lol. im happy you can do that. good for you. also, im not looking for "weed", i can throw a plant in a field. a good plant takes some time and care. :rolleyes:

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