Where are my sprouts?!

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    So I germinated 3 seeds a few days ago, one of them finished germinating ln like 18 hours so I planted it 1/4th an inch deep in top soil mixed with perlite, soil was flushed with distilled water before planting seeds. The pot is in my grow box with the lights on and the tempature is around 84-86. The soil has been getting very dry on the top so I have just been misting it with distilled water from a spray bottle. one has been in the soil for 3 days now and the other 2 have been in for about 1 day.

    I have yet to see any sprouts im more worried about the 3rd day one, I had to plant 2 of them sideways because they fell in like that and I read it is better to let them grow sideways than to tamper with a root tap.

    Am I being paranoid or are my seeds dead?

    Edit: They were planted in 2 gallon planters from the start.
  2. patience is a virtue

  3. Should I keep misting the soil to keep it slightly damp like I have been, or just let it dry?

  4. anyone?
  5. you can do more than just mist the top. you could do an actual watering of the soil.
  6. hmm alright, but is it normal for germinated seeds to take 3+ days to pop soil?
  7. It can take up to a week. I had a sprout that took 2 weeks before it showed up, and it was perfectly healthy.
  8. just be patient, man. like go to sleep and then they'll be there, IT'S LIKE MAGIC:p
  9. so true. i have gone through germination only two times, but both times i went to sleep with nothing and the next morning a sprout was looking at me.
  10. I agree, just be patient. They'll pop their little heads up soon enough, that is unless you accidentally broke the tap. It happens sometimes - but more than likely, they're just messin' with you. Getting you all worried, LOL. Hang in there, they'll pop soon! :D
  11. 86 is a tad warm. About 25C (77) is perfect. And I once waited 26 days.
  12. Two of them have sprouted, check out my other post cath:ey:

    Their necks are very very bent and I need a pro to give me some thoughts on the matter.

  13. perfectly normal for necks to be bent over immediately after sprouting. they were all curled up in that little seed!

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