Where are all the straight bubblers?

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  1. Maybe it's just this "coil bubbler" style specific that have a very straight and cylindrical body to it.. but I can't find any others like it anywhere.  All I see in any head shops I go to are the bubblers with the round bases or multiple bulb shape bodys. (Using body for lack of a better word..  the place where you hold it lol.)  
    My friend has one almost exactly like this (attachment) and I fell in love. He said it was gifted to him he's not sure where it's form.  I can find them online, but I don't like buying glass online for a few obvious reasons. 
    These straight body bubblers have such a nice, full feeling in your hand. Unlike the twisty round bulb feel of the others. I've been thinking maybe the bulb is to block any splashing? But I haven't experienced any splashing when I use my friends. 


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  2. good example of the common bubblers that I'm seeing everywhere. The ones that feel weird in my hand unlike the straighter ones. 

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  3. That coil one is a complete POS. Grav Labs makes one similar to what you're talking about.
  4. I was using it as an example of the shape and style. It was a random image I found on google. 
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    The functionality of that "style" is trash. Once it clogs, have fun cleaning a spiral downstem. 99% of bubblers, in that style, are a joke....

    It might prevent splash back, however you're going to get a lot of drag.
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  6. There. I fixed it for you :)
  7. bruh it was an example of the shape of the part you hold what don't you understand? lol I would never get a spiral downstem who in their right mind would??? 
    I found what I was looking for though. The GravLabs mini bubbler.
  8. HAAHAHAHA many thanks, old school.
  9. Lol I missed you. In a non homo way.

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  10. Bro I missed you too!
     *hugs otroo and starts crying*
    Oh god how i missed you!!
    *sobs uncontrollably and hugs him tighter*
  11. well I missed him in a homo way...

    It's not peer pressure, it's just your turn.
  12. dude for like the past week I've been using your little saying thing about it not being peer pressure lmao
    that shit is hilarious when I'm stoned.  I even passed my chihuahua the bowl and said it and I was legit crying of laughter alone in my room....  this just got really sad. 
  13. hahaha it's great when high and smoking with first timers

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