Where are all the grasscity OG's? I just see new members :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. They'll never get me, don't worry!

    I'll be here for eternity.:cool:
  2. I been here a while..more of a lurker than a poster. :cool:
  3. Also some new members are informants for CIA.
  4. I had arguments with mushroom all the time. He was easy to fuck with. :D

    Why is he gone???
  5. Don't worry, the OG is here


    But seriously, I miss the people who posted between 2007 and 2009 -- some awesome motherfuckers. Hope they are alive and kickin' it somewhere...
  6. Hmmm, I don't post alot but I've been here awhile.

  7. So was Charles Manson.

    I'm a fucking OG.

  8. Where u a Pandoras Box junkie??

    I was back then. :D
  9. Did mushroom get banned???
  10. Yeah he did, Dunno too much deets tho.
  11. I've been here 4 years I don't post too much though. In another two years, I won't be able to count how many years I've been here on one hand, will that make me OG?
  12. I've been here since '04. I'm not an "OG".

  13. o ya they got banned or are creepin in the shadows waitin for the newbs to leave

  14. Yep. Still am. I mostly post there and in the philosophy and science sections. This "general" area is just full of the most idiotic threads; I call it the kiddy play area :smoke:
  15. Pandora was the shit back then.

  16. I miss the old pandoras box.

    I have quit doing all unmentionables, but it was still a awesome place if u had ANY question about other stuff. :D

    This site had some major junkies posting in there though. I couldnt believe some of the shit I would read.

  17. I need deets bruh.


  18. Nice to see some other '03s. I've got you beat by 4 months though. :D

    I haven't seen anyone older than me in awhile. The city sure has changed over the years.

  19. We get older, they stay the same age. ;)
  20. i been here a while i guess. for some reason before 2010 and they fucked up pandoras box it just hasnt been the same

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