Where are all the grasscity OG's? I just see new members :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. One day. One day.
  2. Honourary members.

  3. I second that ^^. Especially since I have been a grandpa for nearly 12 years. :cool:

    Respect to ya both. Every now and then you see this nice Blade around.

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  4. Most of the true OG's are banned :/

    GC just couldn't handle their gangstosity
  5. A lot of the deadies left gc... I hardly ever see them around anymore. I don't use this site as much now though.

  6. Says the damned burrito thief that joined last month
  7. I'm an original ninja.

  8. Once again, this was read in Snoop's voice ahah

  9. :love: Haven't seen you in a while.
  10. I consider myself a grasscity OG, although my join date is DEC2010, I've been lurking since 2007, back when I was a youngster in highschool first trying weed, i'm sure i made an account...i just can't remember the name of it..
  11. I miss me some mushroomsatsuji. Funny guy...
  12. I loved mushroom, he was unique.
  13. im a G without the O
  14. Mushrooms comments could be like 4 words and still manage to be the most intellectual post on that thread.

    usually because those threads are stupid to begin with and he just verbally kills the OP lol

  15. like me.

    well actually its just this new strain I discovered from cali that was just like fffffshwWHOA, i forgot how to type. so basically I had to relearn my craft and so far I've learned just enough to complete this paragraph.
  16. Ohh ohhh...am I considered a OG???

    Golly that would be swell...
  17. I'm not an og, but I think I'm considered a badass mofucka. I'm not quite sure though.
  18. I've been known to dabble.
  19. [quote name='"jswanny47"']I miss me some mushroomsatsuji. Funny guy...[/quote]

    Damnn I miss mushroom.......

    Its like a member of the familys gone or that feeling when you break your glass

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