Where are all the grasscity OG's? I just see new members :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Damn I miss those days. Remember that yo mamma show on MTV? Hahaha
  2. I wish I was red.
  3. Well dammit I just can't compete with Legit.

    2003 man, respect to ya :cool:
  4. Ive been here two years and then some im definitely not a noob toker. Years dont mean a thing. Anyways whats important is what each user has to contribute to the site to make it a better forum full of proper education about Marijuana and the vast range of things you can learn from browsing the site because ive sure learned about every aspect of the Cannabis plant from using this site. that and personal experience as well. :smoke:
  5. Out of all the people still on here since 06 im probably the least active

  6. I read this in Snoop's voice lol
  7. Eh, OGNEW? Who really knows:rolleyes: Been an overly active user for a lil over a year, been a member for a fuckin while...
  8. He's always got us beat brother:D
  9. I wanna be one!! :p


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  10. They all get banned...

    Why? It's anyone's guess... ;)

  11. for sure man, when you think of old school your name is always right there as well

    yeah but they took away my red for some bs!
  12. Dayummm LB almost 10 years homie, Congratz haha

    and i love smoking Og(Kush) =P
  13. Yeah seriously, they all got banned lol.. Too OG for this place I guess(unfortunately)

    A lot of the posters that I thought posted clever comments got banned.. whatevs
  14. Does 2010 count? Haha. :p
  15. I wish, but hey 2 years isn't bad. I have seen a lot of people come and go during my time here.
  16. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiet. I've been posting on GC for almost two years now. o_O Mind blowing.
  17. A little over 5 years now, but there's plenty who have been here longer.

    I don't hop on as much as I used to, but I do lurk a bit when I have time. :smoke:

    Still rockin' a blue name :eek:
  18. Well Im not necessarily an O.G. although ive been lurking for about 4 years....

    And i only recognize the faces in this thread anymore so I guess I fit in :hello:
  19. I will always remember you skunky, that sig... It is magic.

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