Where are all the grasscity OG's? I just see new members :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I consider myself not an Original Gangster, but definitely a well established gangster nonetheless.
  2. They be dropping' like flies....
  3. I'm an OG? XD <3
  4. This thread is dangerous now, so many OG's !!!
  5. 2010 and 2011 isn't OG lol.

  6. LOL nah I just seen you post a lot, I said above I miss seeing people that I seen since around the time I started.

    Lately every thread I click is all 2012 members, hence why I made this thread.
  7. Dude read the first page, I never said I was an OG, I miss seeing posts from you guys.
  8. [quote name='"Flemian"']2010 and 2011 isn't OG lol.[/quote]

    Ive been a member since08 i believe, but not that many posts am i an og?
  9. [quote name='"progenitor04"']

    Ive been a member since08 i believe, but not that many posts am i an og?[/quote]

    As long as you've been prominent in the community since 2008.
  10. :smoking:Whatever you consider an OG, I've dedicated years to the city
  11. HipHopFiend checking in.
  12. Hey.what's good?
  13. You mean besides all the ones who're banned? Living their lives, I suppose.
  14. I'm not an OG, but I've been here like 3 years now. I feel like that makes me worthy of this thread...
  15. 03 still ballin in the mix
    9 years, thats dedication right there
  16. It means me.
    Seriously. Look it up in the dictionary. Theres a big picture of ME.
    Dead fuckin serious bro.
  17. jdybgsdhkfvjakds

    AND THATS what i ghoits to day to THAT!
  18. AHGHMSNA i MEANT say. NOT aday.

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