Where are all the good stoner guys?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GravMomma, May 10, 2011.

  1. You'd think it would be easier to find a stoner manfriend considering how male dominated this culture is. So answer me this, WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD STONER BOYS???

    I just want a boy who will take gravs with me.

  2. << boom
  3. Were chillin in parks and parked cars on quiet streets.

    Were the one sending clouds into the sky like were sending smoke signals to other tribes.

    Oh yeah, were the guys passing you everyday on the street, next time Look us in the eyes and smile, You've found us ;)
  4. They're in their rooms getting high and watching futurama/family guy on insta-flix

  5. that about sums it up
  6. I wish I had a cute stoner guy friend :p
  7. sheeeeze, all these girlies coming out of the woodwork. how can you not find us :)
  8. Usually smoking in the parking lots or at home or anywhere really. If you see foggy car pull a bud out you will have a new friend.

  9. I bet your husband wishes that as well
  10. I have room on the couch for two stoner girls and a joint for each of you. But I still get control of the remote.

  11. Lol deal :)
  12. go play Frisbee golf.
  13. I've always wanted a cool girl that can be a stoner friend.

    I'll find one eventually.. any ladies on here that are in southern cali?

  14. he does :p
  15. Taco Bell.

  16. damn i want some taco bell now :devious:
  17. Everywhere. Stop asking on this forum unless you're planning on pursuing a relationship on here which is prolly not the case.

  18. harsh, but true
  19. *hands a bowl* Now, smoke this. Okay. Now gently remove that giant stick out of your ass. :)
  20. In Art of Noise's defense, you are essentially jumping into a giant tank of dudes who smoke asking where the dude's who smoke are..

    so.. in essence this is just another " Why can't i get a booty call" thread..

    go check that one out..

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