where are all the Doom/stoner fans

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by usefulidiot, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. All of you have to check out these bands ASAP

    Electric Wizard
    Liquid Sound company (something to trip off of)
    queens of the stone age (if youdont like them at least check out the first albums)

    If any one else is in to this kinda shit id love to here who some of your favorites are
  2. Right on, doom/stoner metal RULES. Here are a few of my favorites:

    My Dying Bride
    Alabama Thunderpussy
  3. I can dig some of that stuff. We play 'Green Machine' by Kyuss in one of my bands. Cool song.
  4. kyuss is pretty cool

    but i <<3333 qotsa,
    their first album is probably their most stoner rock sounding
    but i like them because their music is never boring
  5. i saw alabama thunderpussy,16, and RPG about half a year ago it was amazing bongzilla was supposed to open but they dident show.
  6. im with you on that. i wouldent call radiohead stoner rock, but they do give me a headach

  7. I can tell by your nick, I went to a hatebreed show in columbia not too long ago, seen them a total of three times now live.

    Glad to see another metalhead on the forum! Lately i've been listening to the black dahlia murder(www.theblackdahliamurder.com) new cd as well as Dark Tranquility - Sucidal Angels (1996) good stuff.

  8. i seen hatebreed live at Xfest once...and you like Bongzilla (are you from around Minnesota...)_cuz there is a band here called bongzilla...there are like 4 guys in it (drums, bass, guitar, vox/guitar...and the vox guy has this huge asss like muttonchops/sideburns thing goin on) anyway...if thats the bongzilla your talkin about...or even if its not...they kiinda suck (no offense...but...blech) oh and vox means vocals...its just short...cuz it s....
  9. Nah, this Bongzilla band isn't a local minnesota. I can't remember what label they are on but i'm sure you can find their cd on the end mail order or centurymedia.com/

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