Where are all my poverty brahs at?

Discussion in 'General' started by Captin K, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Live alone and recently lost my tv and setup to pay rent

    Now I enjoy the little things so much better, for example

    Orange juice is fuking flame, and I have some

    I am happy with my orange juice knowing I have freshly squeezed fruits to drink

    People in other country's have almost nothing, and here I am mad I don't have a gaming setup

    Glad I caught myself, not gonna have my rent effected just so I can cater to rich priorities

    All I need is a full fridge and I good workout, and I'm happy

    Holy fuk I cant believe what I just said... I'm changing... For the better
  2. So what do you do with free time?

  3. Have people over to chill


    I browse the internet and listen to music most of the day
  4. You have a good mentality OP. I saw the title and expected another brat feeling sorry for himself because he doesn't have cable. Way to be optimistic :D
  5. I grew up same way op, 15k a year for 3 people household

    Rly id prefer my situation over bein rich cuz i learn to appreciate things more

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