Where and when will I get info regarding the outcome of prop 19?

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  1. I'm not american, so I haven't got a clue of where to go to find some unbiased information about the outcome :)
  2. Any major US newspaper's website will information on Prop 19. I believe the vote is in early November. Try cnn.com.
  3. On November 3rd. Go to Google and time in "Prop 19 passes" or "Prop 19 fails"
  4. Marijuana Law Reform - NORML

    They update daily with the latest MJ news around the world. So you can be sure as soon as something major breaks it will be right on the front page.
  5. maybe someone should set up a texting service.
  6. I'm guessing if Prop 19 passes and it being the first law of its kind in the United States, it will make world news. Everyone will hear about it. Just a guess......:p
  7. google?

    any major news network will broadcast it
  8. how about this forum? I think someone will mention it.
  9. Okay :) thanks, I wasn't sure if they'd bother covering it properly. I hope it passes!
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    With as much National interest and controversy Prop 19 is it will have a counter on MSN,CNN
    and FOX,just like they follow the election results.
  11. I'm sure we'll have many people posting updates throughout the evening as the counts begin to come in.
  12. im sure the smell will be so strong, you will smell it around the world


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