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where and when do u smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by prplhaze319, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. i do it in like a boiler room in my house but i have 2 wait till like 11:00 at nite 2 do it.... i do it once my parents go 2 sleep.... is it better 2 smoke like in the afternoon like around 8:00 or later like i do like @ 11:00?
  2. I smoke pretty much whenever i want... i prefer to smoke sort of before supper and then on into the night... I say 7-8pm is about the best time to be doing any drugs though, weed, especially shrooms.

    -shay out
  3. Any time I want and where ever on my property that i want!
  4. I usally smoke were ever i want, But I like going to the park or out in the country for a cruze
  5. haveing a toke every hour or 2 is the best way but if i have 2 say a time then prob about 6 or 7 pm so you can chill if you want 2 smoak at home bye sum tape and tape up the cracks in your door and open a window it worked 4 me for 3 years and it still dose so sit on your bed light 1 up chill and be happy
  6. EVERYWHERE when I can afford it
  7. All kinds of places, in my room, a car, in my cousins room
  8. I start at 8:00 in the evening, and just smoke two or three bowls a night. I smoke on the back porch if the weather is nice, or in the garage if it's raining or too cold.
  9. whenever i can whereever i can and thats how it should be
  10. all day. thought, ya have to be a lil shady when indulging in public.
  11. Been toking for 35 years now. Wouldn't trade it for anything. My best years were doing a nice doobie and playing with my kids. I highly recomend it to anyone thinking of being a parent. Makes the entire experinece a great journey for everyone involved. None of my three kids get high. Thank God they would be dipping into my stash. Peace Drew
    PS My Example? My focus has always been allow them (and me) to be who we are.
  12. i usually smoke at my dealers house, accually its more like a mini rave in his house! its always a fun trip when i go there.
  13. i always love driving around and watching the sunset its always fucking amazing and the lights and shit are so cool
  14. i enjoy being outside when i am stoned, any time of the day. this cold weather kind of hinders me a little though. so driving is great this time of the year, and the sunsets are very beutiful
  15. I smoke pretty much where and when I please, just never before work and never before anything important.

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