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  1. Hey all, I was wondering if someone of you lovely people here could advise me as to what I'm doing wrong in regards to my grow. I'm a first time grower and have had some guidance from a friend but yet still not yielding any results, the overall aim is to have 4 plants growing however the problem comes in the germination stage. I'm using seeds bought from amsterdam and using the rockwool germination method, now the current CFL I have is a 600watt and I'm watering the rockwool 2/3 times a day with an 18/6 split, what can I do with my current set up to ensure my babies grow.
  2. Seeds need to be kept warm round the clock. I put them on my cable box on a plate and under a dome which keeps them close to 78 degs. I also soak mine for 12 hrs or so before germ. Never tried rock wool for germ though. Just peat pods. Hope you get a good answer.

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    Unfamiliar with rockwool germ, i always use the paper towel in plastic bag method. From there i put in those red solo party cups. Remember to keep temps high in germ stage like mook said also you are watering all to much imo.

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