where all my pillpoppas at?

Discussion in 'General' started by jtangorunnin, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. i've got two different pills and i need to figure out what they are...
    pill #1 is small, circular, and white and says "MYLAN A4" on it. and can be divided into 4 parts...

    pill #2 kinda looks like it might just be ibuprophen..but i'm not sure. anyway, it is white, an oval shape, and has "C102" on one side and "600" on the other...

    please hit me back before tomorrow night.
  2. the first one is a 2mg xanax, i'll get back to you on the other in a second

    couldnt find nothin on the 2nd one

    the first one will fuck you up good though, strongest xanax they make, its basically a round bar, never had mylan but i did have "xmen 2's" which are round with an x and 2 on em
  3. Oblong white tablet imprinted C 102 on one side and 600 on the other side is 600 mg ibuprofen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

  4. are you sure the first one is xanax? it's small, round, white, and has that thing written on it...
  5. also, what is this pill?? it's shaped like a capsule. it has "86 l 67" on one side and "S" on the other...it's a pinkish color. what is it?
  6. How do you have all these pills and not know what they are? Did you raid someones bathroom or something?

    Yes, its xanax. Eat it and find out for yourself.
  7. Imprint Code: MYLAN A4
    Drug/Strength/Manufacturer: Alprazolam 2mg - Mylan
    Description: White - Tablet
  8. yo i do xannies a lot, bars foot balls, whatever, a few weeks back i came across those circle ones and they fucked my shit up, they be potent.
  9. www.drugs.com my friend. it's saved my ass countless times, quite literally.
  10. anybody here ever heard of antianxiety pills called lorazepam ativan sorta similar to xanax ? Anybody got experiences on them cause there the shiz :D
  11. watch out w/xanax, i use to do em all the time and they made me forget days at a time :/ , all they do for me is make me feel really drunk

  12. Imprint: 8667 | S
    Description: Tab, Pink, Oblong, Scored
    Ingredient & Strength: Metaxalone 800 mg
    Brand (or equiv.): Skelaxin
    Firm: Elan
    NDC#: 59075-0068
    Class;Sch: Muscle Relaxant
  13. Yea Ive done them a few times. I always liked xanax better but they are good
  14. dont fuck with the skelaxin, i took 3 of em and i didnt feel good at all, i felt lightheaded as fuck like i was gonna passout, jus cuz its a muscle relaxer dont mean it'll fuck you up

    and as far as ativan/lorazepam, its also a benzo like xanax, i got prescribed to a 4 pill script one time, n there pretty nice feeling
  15. I also had a script for Ativan/Lorazepam and it made me feel kind of fucked up, in a bad way, so I just sold the whole bottle to a bro.
  16. I get Ativans, they will chill you right out. :D JOE>
  17. okay...now what is this pill?
    it's small and orange..."PLIVA" on one side and the other side has the numbers "553"...help me out!
  18. Im pretty sure its Flexiral a muscle relaxant.

    EDIT: I couldnt find them, im not sure if im right though
  19. anybody want a report tomorrow about how all this shit went? xanax, somas, lots of lots of weed, and we're about to down some purle drank.

    toke toke. toke toke.
  20. 10mg Cyclobenzaprine, generic of Flexeril a muscle realant.


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