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Where 2 buy LEGAL Synthetic Marijuana in Maryland?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by DONANDMIKESHOW, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. I found some P.E.P. Spice Twist Vanilla for $80.00 at Capitol Hemp DC. I thought the store was a rip off with a terrible selection of pipes and bongs and unless we can find no where else to buy the stuff I would never go back although the neighborhood of Adams Morgan was awsome and Crapitol Rip does sell Johahn cheaper and K2 as well when it is in stock.

    IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND K2, P.E.P. Spice or similar in Maryland/DC and for how much please post your findings to this thread

    Here is a list of headshops and whether or not they carry the stuff (most in the Baltimore area) I compiled during my search for non mail-order synthetic marijuana smoking blend...

    Doc's - No
    Up in Flamez- 410-284-1442 - no
    willys- ?
    Smoke Signals- (240) 379-7988 - no
    peace of sunshine - 410-788-0942 no
    village arts and crafts- ?
    capitol hemp - Yes, P.E.P. Spice Vanilla twist $80.00 + tax.
    shockers- (410) 444-8200 no
    the other side-410-337-9203 no
    outer limits-(410) 238-1633 no
    firefly- (410) 732-1232 yes (limited supply)
    jd's- (410) 685-9325 ?
    foreplay inc- (443) 872-8100 no
    karmic connection- (410) 558-0428 not yet
    mali's- ?
    beav's- (410) 337-7733 no
  2. Seems a lot of cash could be made in Baltimore if I was not scared to open a small store...
  3. why would you smoke that crap?
  4. Have you tried it? I thought it was pretty interesting buying "marijuana" from a store in Washington DC... I still had to smoke in the bathroom though as it smelled exactly like weed and I don't want nosy neighbors. I thought it was going to smell and taste like vanilla bean or potpourri.
  5. Is that shit effective in the least?

  6. No it has 0 amounts of THC no matter what anyone ever tells you it does nothing.

  7. You should be able to tell by my in depth specific post that I am not some plant by K2 or P.e.p. Spice but just someone scared to go to jail and afraid of getting my anti-drug spouse mad and I was feemin...is that term still used?

    I would imagine that if you are a frequent grass smoker you will only get a bit of a buzz off synthetic canabinoid smokes but in my experience I have not puffed in 4 or so years and have been craving for months and a little half puff of the Spice twisted I bought had me laughing getting a little paranoid of the neighbors but also mellowing and getting red eyes and huge hunger so believe me or not, I do not care, as hopefully the less who try will keep it quiet & legal but yes the active ingredient in the smokes jwh-018 (man made marijuana or something to that effect) does get you plenty high.

    Link to how I found out about the stuff...

    Kansas City Star - 11/04/2009

    "A legal pot gets the attention of police
    The Star's Topeka correspondent

    It burns like marijuana, works like marijuana and it sort of looks like it, too.
    And it's perfectly legal.
    It's called K2, and area police confirm that the little bags of dried herbs are starting to pop up among teens and young adults.
    Although it may be new on the local drug scene, K2 and similar brands have the attention of a Kansas lawmaker who said she would consider outlawing the substance. That's because the health risks of smoking one of these dubious doobies is unknown. Some European countries already have moved to ban it.
    “It is new on the scene here,” said Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy Tom Erickson. “It's just been a few weeks since we found out it was being sold locally.”
    Available for sale online and at a store in Lawrence, K2 comes in a small pouch. Inside is a mix of dried herbs that look like oregano but are laced with chemicals designed to mimic the effects of marijuana. Other brands go by the names Spice, Genie and Zohai.
    Because the active ingredients are just a few atoms away from the real thing, the synthetic stuff isn't covered by laws banning marijuana. This means K2 and similar products are legal - even though the effects are identical to pot.
    Johnson County police first discovered the drug was being used by ex-convicts on probation. They turned to K2 hoping it wouldn't show up on drug tests as marijuana. Now police are finding it in high schools.
    The Sacred Journey, a botanical store in Lawrence, sells bags of K2 for $15 to $30. A store manager declined to comment, but an employee said K2 should be burnt as incense and isn't meant to be smoked. A competing brand is marketed online as “plant food.”
    The Johnson County Crime Lab ran an analysis on K2. Although it tested negative for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, it was positive for synthetic cannabinoids. These are chemical compounds created in a lab that act on the brain like THC.
    K2 contains two synthetic cannabinoids created at Clemson University. Chemistry professor John W. Huffman said an undergraduate student working in his lab actually created one of the compounds, called JWH-018 after Huffman's initials.
    Huffman said his research was designed to help find new pharmaceutical drugs and a deeper understanding of brain chemistry. He had no intention of inventing a new way to get high.
    “But I'm not the least bit surprised,” Huffman said. “If you make something illegal, like marijuana, people will look for an alternative.”
    Yet the fake marijuana may be more dangerous than the real McCoy, according to Huffman. He noted that unlike with marijuana, the risks of smoking synthetic cannabis haven't been studied. His research suggests the compounds likely break down in the body into carcinogens.
    The manufacturer behind K2 and similar brands remains a mystery. No information is available about the company or individuals making the products. Huffman said he thought much of the new synthetic cannabis comes from labs in Asia.
    He suspects the manufacturer turns the synthetic cannabinoid into powdered or liquid form and mixes it with otherwise harmless herbs.
    Britain, Germany, Poland, France, South Korea and Russia have moved to ban the sale of synthetic cannabis within the past year. Kansas may not be far behind.
    State Rep. Peggy Mast, an Emporia Republican, hadn't heard about K2 until informed by The Kansas City Star. But she's worried enough to suggest the state should take action.
    “I would be very happy to sponsor a bill to make this illegal,” Mast said.
    Mast sponsored legislation a few years ago that outlawed the hallucinogenic plants jimson weed and salvia divinorum.
    Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy Chris Farkes worries that teens may assume synthetic cannabis is safe because it's legal.
    “I've even talked with parents who say, ‘Oh, it's completely legal so I don't have a problem with my kid smoking it,' ” Farkes said.
    But Huffman isn't so sure outlawing his creation will help much.
    “You ban one and they'll come up with another one,” he said."
  8. please ban op obv troll
  9. Go shit on someone elses thread unless you have something relevent to add to our conversation you as a true troll (look at your post history) are ignored here.

    Looks like you can take Firefly in Baltimore off the list of places to pick up herbal incense smoking blend a call there reveaals the owners last shipment of K2 will be the final one he orders?
  10. Are any of those places close to arlington Virginia
  11. Look into jwh-018. It's a synthetic cannabinoid and it's widely available on the internet. And if used correctly, the high is very similar to a marijuana high.
  12. They carry that K2 stuff at the Ecigarette store in St Charles Mall in Waldorf, MD. its like 20 min from DC. They got 3 grams for $40. Had me ripped for like 5 hours
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