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Discussion in 'General' started by Difficult E, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Just wondering where everyones from, ya know when your stoned and just wonder things? yeah well thats me...

    Anyone from new zealand here?
  2. Your from New Zealand man? that's awesome, this is probably a dumb question, but, are you a fan of the All Blacks?
  3. A girl at my school goes back and forth from here and New Zealand, she told us she did shrooms alot over there and that there was a weed service that delivered to your house (like in halfbaked).
  4. New Zealand huh? Thats pretty sweet. Im from Florida
  5. i come from far north; north carolina
  6. There's a chance that I could end up living in New Zealand soon. Is it as nice as they say? Is it easy to get hookups there? I won't deny, that last one is one of my prime concerns.
  7. the gay old boring state illinois here:)
  8. Easy as ae, and yeah in some places you can get dope delivered to you.
    You'd love it here.

    And yeah nutrugger, i am a fan of the all blacks :D
  9. louisville, kentucky here

  10. Sunny England
  11. I am from England, UK but I live in Portugal :D
  12. Good Ol' U S of A... massachusetts that is
  13. in a virginia suberb outside of washington DC
  14. Ontario, Canada.
  15. Indiana....how exciting...
  16. Seattle,Washington..NW!
  17. im from littleton, colorado.......yea the place where columbine happened = \

  18. Eastern Kentucky...
  19. Brew City (Milwaukee), Wisconsin

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