When's it gonna be done?

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  1. I'm 48 days into flowering and I'm wondering if anyone can give me a rough estimate of how long I have left, and if I should flush my nutes today. It's in a DWC under a 400W HPS. One plant. There are about seventeen tops, all of which have between 40-60% orange hairs. The main cola has maybe 10% orange hairs. Some new growth shot up about two weeks into flowering from the bottom, those popcorn buds are still premature with no indication of being done at all. It seems to be an indica plant with a short flowering time. I'm going to get a magnifying glass today and look at the trichomes, I just have to flush the nutes at some point... and I'm wondering if I should do that today.
  2. well its hard to say when it will be done.. it all depends on strain. Which strain do you have? or is it just bag seed? I am growing the strain skydog and its flower time is only 60 days. it will make a big difference if you tell us if its sativa or indica and maybe include some pics. each strain varies so much, flower time can be from 60 days to 200 days.. all depends on strain. hope that helps.
  3. Sorry no cam, I'm gonna try to borrow one to post some pics. It's bagseed, definitely indica, short and bushy and dark green, so I'm figuring the flowering time will be much less than a sativa. I'm winging it right now just going by the hairs, I just don't want to flush my nutes too early and have to chop it premature before it dies.
  4. well since its bagseed just keep watching it and wait for those trichomes to be half cloudy and half amber. Personally i'd say around day60-65 of flower it should pretty much be ready. :p good luck growing brotha.
  5. 35 Day flower? 90 days start to finish?

    Didn't I already say something about that in another post?

    Unless it's maybe lowrider I don't think so man.:wave:

    BTW - LOL what happened to your spacebar?
  6. Yo Doc.
    Lets say it is an indica that is ready between 45-60 days. Then today being day 48 the answer is yes; flush. If it is a Indica Sativa with more like 55-70 days I would say yes; flush. Those 20 extra days with no nutes are not going to hurt the plant. Good luck and enjoy.

  7. can someone elaborate on what the l.s.t method is? Thanks.

  8. Really really, thanks for the advice. It is just bagseed and the buds already look nice and beefy, so I just didn't want to flush early and have it mess my shit up. I feel much more reassured now knowing that the extra days without nutes aren't going to hurt it. The past three days I've been putting light nutes, today I'm going to flush the system completely and just wait it out. A few days of drying and a week or two of curing and I'll be in heaven.
  9. The blurry one is of the main cola, the decent picture is of one of the other sixteen tops. I guess I'm not the best behind a camera, had to borrow it to take these pics and only got a few that turned out ok. There's really no relative size, the main cola is about as tall as two bic lighters, the other top is about as tall as one. Nice and dense. Whatcha think?

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  10. looks good wish i had it :)
  11. exxus i dont know what the hell is wrong with my space bar,,i think my keyboard is shot ,i cant write ad look up at the same time,,,give me a break,,but i have oticed my n and my numbers are screwed up,,,i think i need a new keyboard,,,peace
  12. Looks good. It also looks like there could be some sativa in there but, who knows. I find it difficult to tell. When you get the camera back, see if you can click some snaps of the entire plant. Have you seen the trichs under a microscope yet? I am curious to know what they look like now.
  13. looking juicy damn i cant wait till april ive been sitting here all winter staring at amazing indoor grows its killing me i just want to grow is that too much to ask for!?!?!?!:mad:
    anyways looking really good, good luck with the rest of the grow ill follow -Stay High-:smoke:

  14. What zoom microscope should I get? I picked up a $8 radio shack microscope with 40-100x and I'm finding it a PAIN IN THE ASS to see the trichs because I can't keep my hand still enough. Last I checked two days ago the trichs were still purely clear, not cloudy or amber. Those that I could make out, anyway. I need to find a way to keep this shit still. It's kind of tough to get the whole plant due to the fact that its in the middle of a sliding-door closet, have to close it one way or the other to get on either side of it. I'll get the camera back or another one some time next week and post better pics. New white hairs are still developing on the buds next to the ones that are turning orange, didn't really expect that to happen... the system is flushed and its running straight water now and in the past four days they've really started to beef up. Hopefully they keep right at it :)
  15. I've had sativas take 180 daze to be all they could be ... 90daze start to finish is completely crazy....

  16. There is a sativa dominant strain in the tub next to it that is at the same 50 days and doesn't look like its going to be done for another 50. Only veg'd for 4 weeks and its 5 1/2 ft tall right now whereas the indica dominant is barely 3 1/2 ft tall. I've got the tub propped up to keep the indica at the same light level as the sativa. I don't think anyone here is expecting a sativa to be done in 90 days from start to finish.

  17. That microscope should be fine. I just bought a stereo microscope that has a 20x 40x 60x and 80x zoom. It is not here yet but, I will let you know how it is. It was also not $8. I was unable to find a microscope or even a 10x magnifying glass at my Radio Shack. All mine had were 2x and those cant see the trichs. Oh and your plants are not quite ready yet with all trichs still clear. Oh and the sativa dominant strain can probably be fed a while longer.
  18. So it's 7 days after the pictures I took. The buds fattened up a bit since then. I haven't gotten the camera again... wish I could, but no luck. Need to get one of my own here soon. Looking at the buds, all of my tops are about 80% orange hairs. The lower you go, the less orange hairs you get. I'd say about 2/3 the plant in general is orange, but very few of the small buds on the bottom have almost nil orange. The main cola has about 70% and looks real nice. I looked at the trichs with a 60x zoom for about thirty minutes and from what I'm gathering, trichs are about 60% cloudy, 20% amber 20% clear. Looks like I'm chopping tonight! I'm going for more of a head high than a couchlock high. Just waiting for my roommate to get off work. Any objections? :smoke:

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