Whenever I'm "happy" it seems to good to be true.

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  1. I'm aware that I'm afraid to be happier. It doesn't make things easier though. I feel like I can never enjoy a moment to it's fullest. Whenever I'm having an alright day I feel guilty for some reason and a sense of doom because I know good feelings don't last. It results in panic. I put this in the relationships forum because the most I've felt ALMOST at peace is after hookups. Probably from the release of dopamine. I don't know if I'm looking for much in this thread. Just seeing if anyone can relate.
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  2. I've been there just have to work on making your life as peaceful for yourself as possible... that means different things to different people (for example someone might find riding a motorcycle terrifying but others quite enjoy it and helsp de-stress).

    I've had panic attacks at moments in my life. Having a clean house, with minimal clutter and not wasting my time on people that stress me out seems to minimze it for me
  3. Gotta rid yourself of that nostalgia man its unattractive to the opposite sex. Women like men that are spontaneous and appear to be happy and interesting. You can't be happy and interesting if you are constantly worried about the end before starting the beginning. Live your life and the romance will come with it. Heartache and break ups are part of life and chances are you will have to deal with that at one point or another but it's worth it. We all love pets but when they die we feel terrible right? Does that mean you will never experience owning a pet?

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  4. How do I stop living in the past?
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  6. The word happiness itself is used almost exclusively, not to describe a state of satisfaction, but to describe the desire of simply wanting MORE. At all times, MORE. Most people do not realize this, but the word happy is actually a function of a power trip and the nature of the power trip is to simply be out of control and without the means to get back that control; discipline.

    As men, we do not need to be happy, we simply need to be satisfied and this is why men will always be more satisfied than women, because we do not lack discipline. We do not lack that voice in our head that says "This is enough," why? Because men are used to not getting what they want, so when we do, we can easily chalk that up into a victory.

    When you say "I want to be happy," what your really saying is that you want somebody to power trip on. You want somebody that you can just use and put down at your leisure. Sound familiar?
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  7. Sorry man I've gotta disagree again. I think happiness means different things to different folks. To me, happiness equals being content and has zero to do with a power trip.

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  8. Sorry man - I think this is you more than anything - your version of the word. Me and mines version of happiness is nothing like what you're describing.

  9. You don't have to be sorry for disagreeing; rooting a disagreement in a personal attack may warrant one back however.

    It's exactly like I am describing, the only difference is that yours is functional. Your saying "My functional happiness is different than described dysfunctional," as if both are the same thing; they are absolutely not the same thing, dysfunctional referencing the content of OP's post.
  10. Secondly, i'm getting quite tired of responding to your responses when you consistently take bits of my posts out of context and give them no context, in context to the entirety of the post. If you wish to respond, disagree or anything of the like, do it respectfully and entirely. Like seriously, I do not post in sex and love to have a back and fourth with Jerry111165 every thread, its derailing to say the least.
  11. Either way man. I'm simply
    Responding to a post on a public forum on the internet. There's certainly nothing personal about it.

    When you make a statement like this - "When you say "I want to be happy," what your really saying is that you want somebody to power trip on. You want somebody that you can just use and put down at your leisure. Sound familiar?"

    What the hell does being happy have to do with having someone to "trip on" - or to have someone to "use and put down at your leisure"??

    Seriously? Man, fishing makes me happy. Looking at a beautiful sunrise makes me happy. My garden makes me happy. Watching a bug makes me smile. I have no idea what the hell youre talking about with "having someone to use and put down"??

    Don't take shit personal man. I respond to what I want to on an open forum online. I wasn't rude to you.

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  12. Happiness is in the bowl of the smoker.

    Smoke weed every day.
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  13. 1. You don't understand because you've, again, taken that part of the post completely out of context. Do you understand how a post works? If I had 2 of the contexts you've used from my one post with one context, I would of had 2 different posts, with 2 different contexts, so how you've managed to derive 2 contexts from a post with 1 context is completely beyond me, other than the fact that whatever your posting is so fucking weak that you need to. The disagree button is an amazing tool, try it out sometime. Why? Why try out the disagreement button? Okay, watch how this paragraph, interacts with the paragraph with the #2 in front of it. This is how context works. Ready? Its amazing.

    2. This, right now, is disrespectful to every other person using this forum. This forum is a public open forum, meaning other people other than me and you are using it and maybe these members do not wish to see a back and fourth between Jason Van Jason and Jerry111166, so please have some consideration for the members of the forum, thanks. Now watch this... How could you change what your doing to NOT derail? The disagree button. Amazing. That, is how two paragraphs can interact with each other and when you take two paragraphs and separate them, you kill that interaction between them and single each paragraph out, as if to say that a interaction between the two paragraphs is actually a statement, because again, you have nothing intelligent to present to the entire post, so instead you take the context and twist and warp it into whatever suits the conjecture you plan to use.

    3. Now, here is what I want you to do. I want you to take the parts of my post that you do not understand and RE-READ THEM IN THE ENTIRE WAY THEY ARE PRESENTED, not just as a single paragraph, killing whatever interaction each paragraph has.

    4. Due to the consideration I have for other members of this forum, I will not be responding to whatever conjecture you have to respond to this with; if you feel you are in right, consider the fact that you are constantly quoting my posts, constantly taking them out of context and yet saying "It's not personal, bro!", but yet, providing no other reason why you would engage in this behavior. Do you like me or something? Are you a fan? There are other ways to receive recognition from me, other than to quote my posts.

    5. I'm sorry if you do have some sort of intention outside of a personal attack, but how am I supposed to respond, when I have some guy interjecting his opinion into my posts, like his opinion is fact, while shitting all over my opinion like its not worth his respect? If my posts aren't worth your respect, why even respond? Why consistently badger me with your presence? What kind of hallow existence is this?

    6. If you do respond, please consider this post, in its entirety, rather than the 6 separate paragraphs presented. If I wanted these 6 paragraphs to be separate, I would make 6 different posts for each paragraph, but the fact that I have not, suggests that each of these paragraphs interacts, in some way, with each other. Your ability to see those interactions seems to be extremely limited, for whatever reason and that I feel genuinely sorry for you over that fact, that you are so focused on a single statement(s) that you cannot see the bigger picture and then spinelessly say "Its not personal!", coming back to the context of paragraph 4 and 5, what is the reason why, if not personal?
  14. LOL

    Ah well.

  15. Dude - your negativity is pushing out all possibilities for happiness.
    When you are involved in something, see the good. Enjoy the moment. Don't fear happiness.
    Is every day gonna be great? No, but don't be afraid to let small things make you happy.
    Pet a puppy. Walk in the woods. Ride a bicycle. Enjoy things you do today.
    Don't worry about tomorrow.
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  16. Definitely can relate, Meditation eases guilt
  17. I did like your answer

    I need a hug, bty
  19. My life has always been full of trouble until a good year ago. I'm happy but at the same time I feel something's missing. Back then I never knew where I'd be the next day where I'd sleep at night or what to eat.
    Now it's the same house same school same people everyday as I work towards something that lies 5 years in the future.
    I miss the fighting and struggling running from the cops and sleeping in abandoned houses.
    But then I light a joint and I'm glad I never gave up and even more that I was given a chance to get where I am now cause my life is better than ever before
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