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Whenever I smoke, I end up forgetting something

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by photographer, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. It happens every time. I'm the type of guy who keeps really good track of his stuff, but for some reason when I smoke I forget something. And its always just one thing. Cellphone. Water bottle. Baseball hat. Jacket. I've tried to remember to check if I have everything before I leave, but its really hard.

    I know all stoners forget shit, but does this type of thing happen to other people on the reg? How do I get over this? I'm loosing too much shit.
  2. I've got worse. When I lived at home, I once forgot that I left two grams of AK-47 on my kitchen table. My parents were displeased to say the least.
  3. damn that sucksss. Thats on a whole other level.
  4. that happens to me with my cellphone. i would always be like where my cellphone and all worry when its either in my pocket or right infront of me. now i just try to have least amount of things in my pocket, and always do a quick pocket check before going any where
  5. That only happens to me if I'm at a friends house smoking. If I'm at the park or something I'll remember to take all my stuff with me when I leave with the exception of the lighter once and awhile.
  6. You just gotta keep your shit together. I know it's not always easy when high, but you just gotta do it fuck I'm stoned and rambling........
  7. If there's one thing you'd think a stoner would never forget, its his weed. Damn, dude.
  8. if only there was some sort of bag. . .

    that could hold all your stuff inside it.


    What to look for in a man purse:

    • should justify it's use - i.e. not just be a replacement for a wallet, but be substantial in size for its use
    • mid size between a women's handbag and a briefcase
    • nylon or matte leather (black or brown)
    • either more business-like (very plain, basic) or sporty
    • look for one that looks like a mini-messenger bag (square or rectangular, shoulder strap)
    • hand bags with no shoulder straps are acceptable for larger, more formal "mini briefcase" looks
    What to avoid in a man purse:

    • feminine details. Debatable, but I'd qualify this as excessive detailing, hardware or pockets.
    • shiny black. It looks too decorative.
    • fake leather. That's just cheap, no matter the gender.
    • tassles or glitter
    • silver or gold
    • patterned leather - lots of high end bags do this and I really think it's too feminine
  9. that's because marijuana isn't really harmless like we all like to think it is, it affects your short term memory however when you quit it comes back, if you ever took a tolerance break or stopped for a test, you know this is true
  10. Murses are ill.
  11. me and my buddy were going the these woods where we normally smoke at. we got our own spot and everything with logs to sit on and littered with our shit. id say about every few times we forget something. the other day we got there and were like fuck ya time to roll some js! we had our lighter (which we usually forget) but then we realized o fuck the weed is in the car! another 15 mins or so we were smoking again but it sucks walking back to the car lol.
  12. Dude i would not leave all my trash and stuff on the ground, very disrespectful, and if a cop/narc walks onto your spot they may notice that this is where stoners come and you could end up getting busted. They will also give a fine for littering which sucks ass. Happened to a friend of mine lol.

  13. SINNER!!! :D:smoke:
  14. get your bud back ?
  15. thats why if im going out of the house, i make sure to only bring what i need...such as cell phone and water...but if im with the GF i just ask her if i can just put my shit in her pocketbook
  16. its been that way since i can remember. the first time i went back there there were cups and beer cans and cigs we just added all the blunt wraps and shit. its been a kinda "party spot" for a while. even once we ran into 2 other stoners there. they were like wats up guys wanna smoke a blunt? was fucking sick.

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