Whenever I let a female know that I am interested....

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  1. She invariably stops talking to me.

    The only time I have ever gotten laid or gotten a girlfriend has been when I play games (i.e. pretend I dont like them that much, take an extra 20 minutes to respond to texts, yaddah yaddah)


    This girl came over to my house for dinner cuz her parents are friends with my parents

    Shes gorgeous and we hit it off hardcore

    After playing around with her for a week or so we agreed to go on a date this sunday

    Yesterday I told her "Im really glad I met you and I honestly cant wait for sunday"

    she literally stopped talking to me after that.

    Every time I hear about a female bitching that a guy is playing games with her I just want to scream in frustration.

    Why cant I just be genuine and find somebody else who is genuine also? :(
  2. Stop hitting on girls and find a woman?

    I mean, I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum, I HATE when men play games, play games with me and you're out the door, not a chance in hell.

    HOWEVER, there are things that a man can say when we first meet, or what I can interpret as coming on too strong, that will scare me off.

    What interesting to me is that you said you said that to her YESTERDAY and she hasn't responded? So what? Maybe you'll hear from her today, it's Friday.
  3. I guess but i mean she went from talking to me every day all the time for a couple weeks to not at all suddenly....

    idk its just one of those things that I know if i dont randomly send her a message saying "hey whatsup" shell probably never talk to me again

    and yeah ur right i do need a woman not a girl ha i would treat her so fuckign right...
  4. Ive found few girls who don't like when you play games to be honest, but with that said, a lot of my guy friends lose interest in their relationships if games aren't played.

    Have you tried asking out different types of girls, or is there basically one kind of girl you're going for?

    Edit: just saw your other post, it's possible she could have met another guy. For example she could be dating around, nothing serious and now one of those is getting more serious?
  5. Maybe she was busy yesterday? It was just yesterday.
    If you don't hear from her today just call her tomorrow and ask if you're still on for Saturday.
  6. idk I just sent her a text which she didnt respond to (and I know shes right next to her phone all the time)

    I dont really go for any specific type of girl, if shes attractive and interested in me ill 99% give it a shot unless i just dont like something about her personality u kno

  7. Mistake. :rolleyes:

    You should have given her space.
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    ^ true.

    This is what I'd do. Have a friend text her and see if she responds, then you know what's going on.
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    I wouldn't do this at all. If she's not responding let her be.
  10. leave her alone, i would def not text her again untill she at least hits you back, and if/when she does hit u back, wait a while to text her back, like a day or two...and if she doesnt, you gotta look at it like its no big deal..cuz its not..you want some confidence, go hit up the strippy. you wanna keep a female, you gotta play the game my friend
  11. well its not like i sent her a text and she didnt respond and i kept going

    well yesterday she randomly didnt reply back to whatever I was saying and today I sent her a text asking if we were still on for sunday and after like 3 hours she sent me a text saying she would ask and i was like "cool" and then wasl ike "so what r u up2?" and she didnt reply back

    so fuck it idk i just wish women wouldnt play these games i dont think im being overbearing or anything u know and i understand women dont like clingy guys or anything but idk i just wish i would find somebody on the same page as me in life.
  12. dude believe me I know this....

    but I just feel like i dont want to play this game anymore
  13. People are complex.

    Show a bit a restraint on behalf of your emotions.. I know it sounds silly, but love is a gamble. Sometimes saying how you really feel can put pressure on someone who isn't sure how they feel about you. It almost always plays in your favor when you take it slow. Just have fun, meanwhile, and don't worry about the relationship stuff until you've both established a real bond with one another.
  14. agreed.

    you opened up your vulnerable, caring, innermost feelings about her and that scared her away. girls want unreliable emotionless "men" who will never commit any serious feelings or voice any emotion. they want a fun, exciting, unpredictable time and you are only the entertainer which is allowed access into her pants. it's really not all it's cracked up to be... good luck duuude, and no offense to the women out there.
  15. don't start out too strong, and also don't be a coy game playing fool.

    telling her you couldn't wait until your date kind of sounds a little desperate.
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    I was over at my moms place, and I asked my sister and she said what makizushi did. To add onto it she said it came across a little clingy because you guys haven't been on any dates before or anything. She said she would be creeped if a guy said that to her if they hadn't hung out atleast 3-5 times before that, depending on the situation.
  17. yeah u guys r right i fucked up.

    oh well live and learn

    mayb ill send her a text after a week being like "yo out of all the guys in the world i would be the one that is the most genuine towards u"

    im not actually gonna do that lol
  18. Honestly man you might not have fucked up, only time will tell.

    Whatever though, cute girl and you were excited, who wouldn't be?

  19. I bet every guy that read this facepalmed. Don't drag the convo on man let it be. Let her drag it on. To me that is true intrest
  20. That's your problem. Females aren't attracted to dudes that are interested in them. And no, this isn't attempt at humor.

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