Whenever I am high...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WillWork4Smoke, May 13, 2006.

  1. Whenever I smoke I begin thinking about the same thing and it happens time and time again. I begin thinking that my life is somewhat like Jim Carey's on "The Truman Show" as if everything is staged for me the whole world is staged for me and my life is a test and like experiment with other life forms. I also feel that these people are way further advanced than we are right now which makes me think my whole life is setup just for one experience so they can record my actions. I never want this to come into my mind while I am high (it is very much a buzzkill) Also many other times I feel that everyone I am with and everyone I meet is out to get me and they are just warming me up to kill me later and documenting what is happening.

    So someone please tell me, am I crazy?
  2. your definatly fucking paranoid man.......chill out......maybe dont smoke as much....
    should go away in time?? maybe??
  3. I find that whenever I get that paranoia feeling when I'm high, I try my hardest to just forget about it. It never gets to that kind of extreme with me though. Try preocupieng yourself with something else, or maybe taking a break. There's really nothing much you can do except whenever it happens either try to forget about it, or do something else.
  4. That sounds a lot like schitzophrenia.. Could be that you just smoke too much though. Who knows. Sometimes i've heard that weed can bring out disorders like that. If the problem persists i would see a doctor.
  5. the matrix, man..
  6. hey man, if your life is staged than i'm right with ya, because that would mean i'm being televised as well ;) Anyway, don't worry bout it. Watch some flick to get it off your mind, or hang out with some friends and atleast pretend like you trust em :p
  7. Nah, man. I don't think you're crazy. In some movie I was watching...with that fucker what's his name Hannibal Lector, god what the fuck is that fool's name, Anthony Hopkins yeah but anyways with gwentheth paltro too but he is crazy and he says to his daughter something like "a crazy person does not know that he is crazy" so like if you are asking yourself if you're crazy that's probably the most obvious sign that you are sane, you just freak out on pot sometimes it happens. I used to get really paranoid like that...but I feel as though all this paranoia was simply a reaction to my negative environment (weed is a mild hallucinogen after all) just like you can have a bad trip on shrooms it just means you aren't comfortable in your environment while high. For me my paranoia stemmed from me smoking in cars all the time...this make anybody else paranoid but me. Anyways once you conquer you're environment through either A) changing it, or B) changing your mental state...become confident in whatever environment you are in then you will have such a better high and no paranoia.
  8. you may want to get a guitar and a looping pedal and make some cool soundscapes in real time... it works for me.
  9. that use to happen to me all the time when i smoked, not nessecarily the trueman show part, but i felt that everyone was talking behind my back, like their minds were opperating on a frequency that into which i was not tuned. it was when i was going through a lot of problems in my life and i think i was just depressed. i just found things while i was high to make me so happy that i forgot about those thoughts. look at the sun, that gets me HIGH all the time.
  10. bro its no big deal, just ride it. i always have that feeling. when im high enough and when i sit back and close my eyes, the shit that i recently have been going thru comes up. but it doesent just come back like a memory, its more like its being analyzed and i can see different perscpectives and the camera angle changes and shit. you just got to learn to control it.

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