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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it."
    Abraham Lincoln

    the first time i ever heard this, was in american national of my favorite teachers explained it to me...well..told me, and i started thinking about it, and then i came here and read it in RMJL quote...i mean, im not preaching revolution or anything..but at what point do we decide..hey..enough is enough?
  2. We probably should have done it before they Gov't got it's hands on things like, say, Apache assault choppers, M1 Abrahms tanks, Stealth bombers, laser guided bombs and other stuff that you can blow a fly off of a possum's ass at 50 miles with him being none the wiser.

    I don't think my 12 gauge and my .44 would hold up to well in a firefight with that kind of stuff.

    It would take something like a bitterly fought and contested result in an wait.........It would take something like the President giving the OK to sell guns to countries that are not allowed weapons from us and then using the profits from those sales to fund a private war in South America...........nope........maybe not that about the President sends thugs to break into a political rivals' office looking for, that won't do either.............I give up. I don't know what it'll take!
  3. ..what if it was a passive revolution..where everyone just quit...just gave up, and no longer produced...that would lead to some hard times...but..hell i duno...well..all the forces are in the middle east..we could take em right now!
  4. Imagine if we had sit-ins for weed. That would be great - having loads of people file in restaraunts and lighting up. Then the news would finally realise that making weed illegal just like racism is a dumb idea.

    Anyways, just a though, probably wouldn't work. Organization and pot just don't mix well.
  5. oh no..orginization and pot work fine...its just that too many people would be scared to actually do it.
  6. Interesting point, it seems that at some point the country has become the private property of the head masters, and "normal" people have become the land lords property. I mean do we really need all these laws? and what's the point to have a law that tells you what to put in you and what not put in you? is it liberty to get jail for using something on yourself? in China they have a tradition that laws are for animals. Do the people who decide about laws etc. think that we are so stupid that we need to be told what to do and what not to do? I believe that's parents responsibility. Why are some plants illegal? it's like criminalizing and oak tree.... phew
  7. Revolution doesn't need firearms or violence, if we all united it would be quite a huge frontier of people, I england there's a newspaper that publishes every month an list of 1000 people who are up for leagalizing it, every month untill it's leagalized, and suprise suprise they're now loosening the law. Ih finland you can have some amount of MJ or hash and not being convicted for it, well they'll take it frm you but that's that, you can have up 6 bushes inside your house and the police forces don't care, it's happening, but wait a minute that wasn't the topic? was it?
  8. i'm afraid it a revolution won't happen anytime soon, as my old sparkplug proves. unless of course a miracle happens and you all start changing your attitudes. if any reform is to happen, its going to be our representatives doing the work for us.
  9. the only thing that would work from us commoners would be a passive rebellion...we wouldnt/couldnt cut it in a bloody coup, and its evident that were going to keep electing the same power hungry shrivs into office.
  10. It is illegal for polititions that are for the people to run for office. They run solely for the purpose of the recognition of power.

    The people have no power. What would happen if a 100,000 people were to march up to the white house and have a smoke out.

    1 All of the people would be thrown in jail for poseesion

    2 We would be considered as terriost and shot on site..

    3 We would be arrested and given life terms in prison.
    They would let rapist and mass murderers go to have room for us..

    So what do we do?
  11. its not just the marijuana issue..its every single thing thats going wrong, including the marijuana issue, our civil rights being taken away, more and more and more people being elected into office that do not duely represent the people, more and more power being given to the government

    so..again...when do we say enough is what point do we say ..hey goddamnit..its our country..we want it back>
  12. fuck revolution.. i smoke bud every day and have never been arrested for possesion. just dont get caught.. work outside of the public eye instead of rebelling.. that way youve already won the battle
  13. like i said, its not just the bud.
  14. I am really passionate about the use of marjiuana. I think that it's better for you then alcohol or cigs. I just think that generally, people aren't thinking about what's going on around them... I mean they watch the news, but are they really thinking about what's going on.... What's going on in the states is really quite scary, just listen the george bush Jr. go on about how he will attack sadam, AND he doesn't care what the world has to say.. i mean i don't care who you are but that position scares me, and it should really tell something about the states as a country. Anyway, i degress, Weed is something that i think a conspiracy is brewed with, It's strange that people are still so ignorant in an age of information. I think that weed should be legalized, simply for the fact that what's the point in enforcing so many rules against it, it just doesn't make sense to me that they(gov't) would kick up such a fuss, and as such i don't think that there should be weed activists, it should simply exist as corn or wheat... weed would survive on it's own just fine, marijuana paraphinalia would come out of the shadows, life would continue and people would be happy... so in short i don't think there is ever going to be a weed revolution, would be nice... but i say let people do what they want. I mean most people that grow weed, grow it for themselves.

    -shay out
  15. i say fuck those asswhole ... any law that protect you from yourself is a bad law ...

  16. i dont think thats fair to say that..i mean, sure hes the worldwide representative of our nation..but i didnt vote for him.

    again i say, its not just because of the bud..lets say weed was legal, there would still be very corrupt and wrong things in our government.
  17. okay i agree, the gov't never really seems to represent the people, i'm pretty sure that most people like in the states are quite fed out with this whole situation that they are being put into, and it really isn't fair.

  18. you're saying something you'll regret when you DO go to jail. infringement of rights isn't less bad because it doesn't happen to you. in fact, even bad laws that aren't enforced shouldn't remain untouched.

  19. no... i don't agree. you're assuming that the government does not have the responsiblilty to protect people with no common sense. personally i believe that government DOES have this responsibility. for instance seatbelt laws, or laws against use of highly addictive and abused substances.

    what's wrong is when punishment for not abiding by these laws is greater than the harm it does to you. (who said this, churchill?)

    if use of crack will make you useless for at least a month (counting withdrawal days), then i have no problem with the government jailing crack users for a month. but years of jail in prison for marijuana possession is clearly more punishment than marijuana use itself. thus it is a bad law.
  20. i couldnt agree more.

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