when youre high, this seems like the coolest thing ever

Discussion in 'General' started by phunkyphil, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. man that fried my brain.....lol.....Peace out......Sid
  2. Damn thats shits crazy.. Thats pretty cool mann even though I fuckin suck at it.. :smoke:
  3. Oh man....that's too addicting...I gotta stay away from there

  4. worrdddd
  5. I got all the red on one side

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  6. I didn't know what I was doing...... But I did it for about an hour. lol

  7. omg laspe..I dont have the attention span lol..you go :)
  8. im not doing too bad tho

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  9. i got them all on te one side as well.....lol....took long enough.....lol....Peace out.....Sid
  10. yeah me too, then i tried to get all the blue on one side, didn't work

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