When your parents know you smoke, its awkward

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  1. Particularly with my mom. Earlier today me and some friends were getting some chronic, I tell my mom I'm going to a movie (we really aren't) ahead of time. My friend gets here to pick up my money, I told my parents I wasn't going anywhere yet and went out to hand it to him, but instead decided to just go with him to pick up the chronic. So after the chronic, I needed to go back home to change clothes because I didn't expect to have to go with him, my mom is just getting home as I go into change, so she was like "Where did you go" nonchalantly of course, and I was just like "with a friend" terrible response really but she caught me off guard, as I approached the door I said I left my wallet, and even after saying that she still asked where I had went.

    Then fast forward to now, it's 3:08 AM I was just about to smoke a small bowl of chronic and go watch Terminator. I hear that shes up walking about upstairs, random assortments of dishes clanking around (quite annoying really) and then silence. I hear my door open, my pipe is laying in front of me on my computer desk (I don't really know if she saw it, thank god I wasn't packing a bowl yet) but I reached up slowly to put it into my lap while still remained looking at the monitor. She seemed to stand there for like a good 7 seconds, then just closed the door without saying anything.

    It's just awkward to notice her suspiciousness about something so benign (unbeknown to her of course). And it kinda makes me feel like a bad person. If only I could be truthful and say I was going out to buy some chronic.
  2. That sucks, I feel the same way tho. I hate lying to my parents just to go smoke weed, makes me feel like a bad person too. Wish I could tell em but I know it would make things way worse off.
  3. His point was his mom basically busted and she didn't say anything. If i was you i would prepare for a discussion with her at a later date. That's how my mom did things anyway.
  4. just obey your parents rules in their house, it wouldn't happen
  5. hmmm something tells me your a little young to be using these forums! smoking is bad child.

  6. hahahah children are silly
  7. find a lot of information about the Chron (using GC) sit her down and say " I smoke weed" then hand her the three inch stack of paper proving that you're not doing anything bad.
  8. Like someone else just said (can't remember there name, just forgot it haha) you should get some actual facts about mary jane and sit down with your parents and have a serious conversation with them about it. They may ban you from smoking in there house, which is fine because it is THEIR house... but atleast (since I assume you are 18) you can stop sneaking around and do it other places. They also may not let you keep shit in the house which you also have to respect.
  9. its much better when you move out to college or your own house and don't have to report to anyone about what you decide to do
  10. My mom knows I smoke and she has told me before that she "cannot wait until me and my husband grow out of this marijuana phase." *rolls eyes*

    The only time I find it awkward is when she claims I am high (when I am not) and when she thinks I am sober (when I am actually high).

    Oh, and the police will eventually learn that I smoke and come after me :p

  11. yess my parents thinking that I for sure am going to be arrested and point on death row.
  12. She already knows I smoke.

    I'm 19.

  13. I already have tried, believe me. I showed her the Union, she shut it off within a few minutes and acted like she knew all of what they were talking about. And every once in a while she will print out shit from different government websites about how I'm going to get lung cancer and that shes "worried".

    I rarely smoke at my house, only at nights. I'm usually at a friends house otherwise toking it up there.
  14. i smoke with my parents, not awkward at all. nothing like twisting up a dutch for you and your parents
  15. what tells you that???? the fact that he still lives with his parents? who gives a shit he never said anything that would imply he is under 18
  16. It's annoying when my mom thinks I'm high and tries to "trick me" into doing stupid shit when I'm actually sober.

    Don't gotta lie to her though, she doesn't mind I smoke. :hello:
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    I hate when people say that, tbh.

    Most people know that weed isn't that bad, and it isn't. However, it's still ILLEGAL, no matter what the papers say. That seems to be most people's major gripe.

    But OP, if you want to show your mom information, don't bring her to GC. Lot's of people post false info here. Erowid is your best bet.

  18. Fuck the Law.
  19. Yea, I hate having to lie and cover everything up.. 1 time I had some really dank shit and went out to smoke it with a buddy but after I got high ( I had not smoked in a while so it was a fast reaction) I started to get paranoid that my parents would catch me..My eyes had already been red from playing a shit load of CODMW2 and being up late and the weed made it worse.. I almost came out with it and told them I smoked but I choked.. the rest of the night I tripped balls and I wish I just said I was smoking weed.. :S

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