When your friends rape you..

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  1. Hey all, i just wanted to have a bitch and see if others have this same problem..

    I have a friend who grows outdoors. Shit yield and average quality at best, and he's ignorant to any form of suggestion how to improve. That's cool, not my op. But the cunt seems to think i am here to provide him with clones and equipment to grow every year. He wanted some cuttings, i had lots of smaller branches i needed to cut off anyway so that was fine. Then he asks "got any gel?" so im like yeah alright, gel for a few cuttings won't run me out. Then he asks "got any coco i can use?" I think to myself yeah alright, he's a good friend, whats a bit of coco between friends? Then he asks, "got any pots i can put them in?" By this time im getting pissed off so i reply to him "fuck want me to root them for you too?" he grumbles a bit and off he goes to get some jiffy pellets. Comes back, does the clones then says to me "I'll have to get some cuts of your new strains" WTF! Does this guy ever stop? Paid like $80 for 5 seeds which only 2 cracked. He can suck my fat one. Last year he was "running behind". I had several clones i didn't need so gave them to him. Turns out he was running behind cos he promised to sell another friend 15 clones and didn't have enough after he sorted himself out. So the cunt sells the clones i GAVE him to someone else. What a prick! He's a good friend but man what a cunty thing to do. Could've at least given me half the money he made. He was supposed to hook me up some of his couple of lb he grew for all the shit i gave him last year. But what have i seen? NOTHING (not that i want it, but money is nice)

    Does anyone else out there have friends that do this to them? He's given me two clones in the past and made me pay for a third. I've given him about 8 clones, 8 cuttings, gel and probably some other shit. And still he wants more! Cunt gets nothing from now on. He can pay for clones. If i saw some return on my investment i wouldn't mind in the slightest. But he didn't even give me a single gram out of his 900 or so grams..
  2. that isn't a freind, its just someone you know that can take advantage of you on a regular basis...

    have fun with that...
  3. [quote name='"cball"']that isn't a freind, its just someone you know that can take advantage of you on a regular basis...

    have fun with that...[/quote]


    It just sounds like hes using you for your supplies...
  4. Yep he sure fucked me. I was just expecting something from it but nothing came. In saying that he's helped me out a bunch in other non cannabis related ways. I could ask him for some weed and he'd give me some weed. But i'm not really that kind of person. (yet i'm bitching on a forum, what does that say?) Maybe one day ill bring it up when i actually need it. Or next time he wants something from me
  5. If you gave him everything for his grow you shouldn't have to ask he should just give you some. just my .02
  6. Dude I have something similar going on but I hope he redonates to me at the end of this season..

    I put him in his place...I take control when people start trying to get smart on me.

    No I obviously know what you are do but I'm Superior :)

  7. Typical loser that sucks off anyone he can take advantage of.I know you think hes a good friend,but hes not I'm sorry to say.Your young I can tell,and you prolly wont believe me,but you need to cut ties with this person.You just cant keep people in your life for the sake of I've known him/her so long/well.

    Then you may have to worrie about him ratting you out If you do sever ties.

    One day I would give him a bunch of clones/crap nothin really worth anything,and tell him your quitting growing,and just associate less,and less after.Or vice versa.
  8. Sponsor me i wouldn't dissapoint you.
  9. I'm 25 so yeah i'm young compared to some of you. He's been a good friend (of 10+ years) in every other way up until this. The more i think about it the more i think his weed is crap compared to mine, so he's probably either embarrassed or simply thinks i don't want it. I don't know, cutting ties seems like a drastic option, he would never rat me out. Guess ill just have to hit him up about it. He's the kind of person that wouldn't ask either he just wouldn't help again, so its either i hit him up or just not help any more
  10. Yea Im a bit harsh I guess.To many old friends like yours.He may just think your such good friend it doesnt bother you.Dont just let people walk on you.If he pisses you off say so.In the end people will respect you more the more you respect yourself.
  11. Honestly, if it were me, I would just stop being a pushover and avoiding conflict. If he asks (or demands) ask or demand something in return. My best bud charged me for clones and then expected to come over and cut clones off two that I kept to mother. Just stand up for urself, 'naw man that ain't cool if u think u can be one way but expect me to just give'. You will earn more respect, trust me. If he is a good friend then he will back off and make it even. If he ain't....well, now u know.
  12. sounds like you broke rule #1 for growing weed- tell no one.
  13. You can never EVER say that someone wouldn't rat you out....


    In my honest opinion I would just hit him the same way he does you, start askin for shit on a regular basis untill he says wtf then u can bring up your problem with him hitting u up for free constantly. :)
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    First rule of business. Don't do business with friends, family or neighbors.
    Second rule of business. No partnerships, ever.

    My example, I did a siding replace on approximately 100 condo's. It cost me $15000 out of pocket when I should have made a couple hundred thousand.
    My very good/close friend & business partner screwed me to the wall & then proceeded to butt rape me for five months until I walked off the job.

    And if you think it's just a grow, it's still business & should be approached that way.
    Cheers & good luck:D

    edit: As for handling your friend cut your losses & run for the exits. Don't expect or ask for anything in return, give him no excuse to expect anything from you.
    Then keep your distance. As previously said, he's no friend.
  15. Yeah become independent. No exceptions
  16. Yea, Yea, What he said!!!!!!!!
  17. If you are keeping score, forget it.

    Friends do not keep score.
  18. If somebody rapes you, they weren't really your friend in the first place.
  19. Is his name billy or Nate? I have a couple friends like that. I can go on for days about it. You just need to put your foot down or up his ass. Good luck bro!
  20. I have several friends of 15-25 years. NONE of them know that I grow anything except my vegetable garden. NONE of them are allowed into my garage where the op is and of course I offer none of them what I produce. I share when they drop by and we cop a buzz, but none of my stuff leaves with them , I never offer it to them etc. If they wonder where it came from I tell them my scored it somewhere. If they were to ask her to help them out she would tell them to take a long walk on a very short pier.

    Friends don't give Friends grow supplies.

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