when your dry and wanna be high...

Discussion in 'General' started by chiefboo, May 5, 2011.

  1. do you guys ever smoke dirty dry pieces? i had a buddy who had a spoon that he never cleaned and when he was dry he would just pull a flame through the bowl until the entire thing got hot and would casually smoke it through the evening.
  2. Smoking the old black gold eh
  3. yes resin...i hate it though. just eat a lot of nutmeg
  4. ...? nutmeg?
  5. yeah buddy :hello:

  6. nutmeg?
  7. Don't try to get high off nutmeg, it's fuckin stupid.
  8. ^^^ yeah pretty much
  9. DUDE'S i have gotten high as FUCK off nutmeg i ate 3 grams and in like 3 hours my eye's started burning and i looked in the mirror and they were red as shit but the worst part is u get so high you dont like it i was stoned as fuck for about 8 hours off that shit i wouldn't recommend it as a alternative to weed or a last chance high.
  10. It's called being pathetic and desperate. And people say weed isn't addicting; lol.
  11. learn to take a t break big boy.
  12. I'm dry right now :(
  13. Nothing, I just go to the gym or something. If I can't get a hold of my dealer there's enough people selling pot here I can just walk outside and ask around. Usually only takes me 10-15 minutes to score a sack.
  14. its not addictive. there are so many people who do not like weed. i just happen to be one of those who absolutely love cannabis. i grew up thinking it wasn't anything special or worth it and i feel so bad about.. so i feel a moral obligation to smoke.

  15. sounds like you're addicted.

  16. fawk off. this wouldnt' be an issue if people weren't so damned brain washed into believe cannabis is a terrible and destructive drug.

  17. define addiction. only reason i'm so gungho about it is because its the one thing that actually makes life seem pleasant. tell me.. what do you live for? for so far i honestly can't find anything in this world really worth living for. when i finally took my first toke at 21 i was amazed at how good i felt. i actually felt purposeful and life seemed to have some value or meaning.

    so what do you live for? personally. i live for weed now. why? because nothing else has really made me feel happy. sad isn't it? i'm not even a starving child in africa and yet i could never really appreciate life.

    fawk off troll.
  18. Family, friends, and weed :smoke:

    In that order :smoke:

  19. Troll? If you read your post with a subjective mind set, you can see how mentally addicted you are. I'm not being demeaning, but it is what it is. Weed held back so I only smoked a few times a year now. Weed gave me social inhibitions, a pointless road in life, and a don't give a fuck attitude. You're living for WEED. I know this is a weed forum, but it's a recreational drug and medicine, not a lifestyle. You can't function 100% when you're high, and don't tell me otherwise because you're wrong. You'll only find what you're looking for if you realize what's holding you back, and I don't know you, but the way you're talking you seem hooked on being high.
  20. i don't really feel much for my family but shame and regret. i will never be the son or brother or even potential father worthy of it. i have no friends because i don't trust anyone. in high school i was a class clown with a lot of friends then i realized what an attention whore i was and started looking for myself. i ended up being a recluse and not being able to really find people i could really connect with. i think the only person i could come close to calling friend these days is the guy i get bud from. sad isn't it? i hate my birthday and last here this is the guy i spent it with because my parents are too busy working to pay bills that i feel ashamed to ask for anything. and then i feel guilty if i do get something. people make me sick. its all just a game and no one really believes in anything. we so often like to believe we are special but in reality we are simply animals looking to survive. there is no meaning or higher guidance in the hearts of men. only survival. and survival is boring as shit if u ask me.

    but weed brings those back the feelings of appreciation. its sad when you feel very little worth in urself and in the world. i've made my mom cry over things that i couldn't understand. it wasn't until i was in a different state of consciousness that i realized that the reason my statements hurt my mother is because it made her realize that i don't enjoy life. this is part of the reason i dont' really have much hope for the future. why the hell would i want to be responsible for bring more life into a world? how can i expect to help another living creature when i can't even really help myself? i pray to God that he will put my out of my misery, but i go on believing that i might actually have some purpose to fulfill. rationalization most likely...

    when i look at people in the world i see nothing. they live their lives day by day jumping through hoops waiting for their break. as far as i can gather we are just here to experience. there is no right or wrong. everything is relative. and yet we kill each other and fight each other over principles or beliefs which are supposed to enhance and enrich life. life is one big massive cycle of creation and destruction. where is the meaning? where is the spirit?

    why am i such a pot head? because it gives me the power to accept the things that i can't change and the motivation to change the things that i have the power to change.

    what depresses me most about weed? the abundant amounts of information indicating that cannabis is helpful and yet many people are either apathetic or ignorant about the subject. we all just want to be able to pay our bills which is fine... but i just don't see much purpose or reason to work to pay for bills when it doesn't really give me satisfaction. life gives me no satisfaction.

    now.. back to the nutmeg.. i've done a search on it.. and it looks like it can be lethal... FUCK! ur telling me there is yet another legal product out there that can kill and marijuana is still illegal?? depression ensues... i guess i'll drink myself into oblivion.

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