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WHen your and old stoner

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by texassmoker, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. so i was thinkin, what will life be like when im really old, will i still be smokin, hell yea! weed is awsome and always will be. as stoners from the begaining who only smoke shwag now, i too will only smoke bud, even when there is a better strain out there. ive reasoned out im my head that when im older im goin to toke it up outside my ranch house out in the country and watch the sun go down every day. by the time i get to this stage in my life pot will be leagalized becasue people like us will be running the country in the future. so i pick up my two foot texas flag bong, and toke away. At this point the government will be paying for my pot smoking habit and i will have to buy a bong with an automatic future lighter, with automatic carb of course. Then once the sun goes down i'll lay out in a field and watch the stars. When i get really old i have figured that i will die either frozen in a duck blind, or out on my front porch blazed out of my mind. That is my future.
  2. i think ill be an ol head too! i remember smokin up with my friends grandpa, he was like 70 years old. it was so cool watchin him roll the joint up and to talk about how weed was quite different from when he was younger. that made me want to make sure in the future i to could have that conversation with someone 50 years younger than i over some futuristic dank shit :)
  3. I remember going Turkey hunting one morning after a night of tokin'. I was still buzzin' and my butt and legs went numb.
    Not that sitting there for an extremely long time had anything to do with it, but I know I was still high.

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