When you touch the other side

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Cam kush, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Not to explain the extremely long story but to make it short I got into a motorcycle wreck that put me in a coma broke my neck and doctors dident know how I survived and can let alone walk I have been thinking lately you know when you wonder if I were still living there what would I be doing ever since the accident I have been feeling weird wondering why did I survive were everyone else would have died why did that headline not read dead not severely injured and also this feeling as if I was beyond in another life wondering if I were still alive I wonder what I would be doing an I dead if your happy does it matter

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  2. I found that cheating death made me appreciate the simple thing's in life alot more. BACK THE FUCK UP! AND TAKE THAT SICKLE WITH YOU!!!

  3. Yea I had a heart transplant and sometimes I wonder if I could have died in that timeline but woke up in a different one..you never know man just gotta ride that wave
  4. damn... glad you lived but pepper that paragraph with a few periods...↙

    I have been in two very serious motorcycle accidents that required a few surgeries. It took me a few months to relearn how to walk. I am fine now except for some permanent titanium alloy hardware, and the normal pains of a trauma such as ours.

    do you still ride?

    I've had many spills as I have been riding since I was a kid...

    after my first serious accident, I was on crutches signing for my new bike. after my last serious accident, I learned how to walk by walking circles around my new bike in the garage

    I can't imagine life without a bike.

    as far as being spared... ride that train and don't look back

  5. I don't think you ever got to the point?
  6. I think the point was he almost died and thus is pondering life and the meaning of it all. I've 'touched the other side' more times than I can count so I get it.
  7. I was hoping to hear more about his or her reflection after touching the other side.

    Perhaps he or she is still trying to cope with it and just needed to express some feelings.

    I've never had such an experience so I am always interested to hear about it.

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