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When you start?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Wish_I_Was_In_Amsterdam, Nov 18, 2001.

  1. Well, myself I started 10yrs ago this spring...I'm only 17(wonder how many people knew that)...HaHA! I know I started to early so dont tell me, oh well what you goin to do! ;) About 5yrs of cronic everyday token...
  2. I started smoking when I was about 23 or so. Damn, so many wasted years. Oh well.

    PS.. if this image attaches, I live here. Not actually inside the castle, but just round the corner.


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  3. 1978 when i started. Been a loyal friend to it every since.
    Best thing that happened to me!
  4. does weed look differnt now than from the 70s, and what about potency?
  5. The weed looks about the same now as it did then. The weed was definatly stronger and lots cheaper back then. I wish my old buddy that i used to deal with back then was here today! He could grow some awsome weed.
  6. i wished if lived in the 70s, it would of rocked
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  7. i wished an ounce would cost 15 or 20 bucks now :(
  9. I started at help my hyperactivity,in brownies..Started smoking it around 13...

  10. I stared smoking when I was 17 in the summer of my 11th grade yr. hard to believe its been 3 yrs.

    I too wish prices were still that low. Is it all the greed in today's society and that feeling of being a good neighbor is dying out? Or does it cost more to grow now? HA!

    Well everyone toke 'er easy.

  11. Lets see, my first joint was 1966 no shit. I had not even heard the name reefer when I graduated High School in '64.

    I sold all you could get in a baggie for ten bucks. REAL Columbian and Jamacian. Everybody that was smoking was dealing too. I had to put in a roach clip and a pack of papers to out do the other dealers.

    The first time I got stoned I stopped drinking altogether for two years. So cool to get a buzz and not have to take a piss every fifteen min. I hardly drink now a daze. Don't want anything to ruin a good smoke. Actually I'm hooked on sweet iced tea, lol.

    ahhh the good old days.
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  12. i tried it in like 7th grade and now im a junior
  13. I'm with ya man....I say ten dollar baggiefull,,,people think ,,yeah right....but hey it would that be bags or jarmix

  14. i dont know where u guys are from, but around here i get an O of KB for $30.
    what's the prices in your area?

  15. $30 bucks for an Oz of Killer Bud!!!!!!!!!!!HOLY SHIT TELL ME WHERE YOUR FROM SO I CAN MOVE THERE!It's $200 an ounce here :( ddang....either you dont know what killer bud is or you have some of the greatest deals I have ever heard of..(recently) and $10 a baggie full of good buds with roach clips and pack of papers. Makes me wish I was around in the olden days...That would be nice! :D

  16. I didn't smoke much home grown back then. Most of the time it was Alcapulco Gold or some of the good Columbian shit. I grow my own now so i guess that might be the reason it was strpnger back then.
  17. i first smoked when i was 13. i took a year off, smoked a lot for a few months, took another 8 months off... by the time i was a sophmore in high school i was smokin a lot... by the time i was a junior i was tokin everyday... by the time i was a senior, i was tokin multiple times a day... by the time school was out i wouldn't stop tokin. now i'm in my first year of college. depending on how much work i have to do, i still average around a smoke a day. miss mary jane is my fave!
  19. I think I started when I was 14. I was on a visit down to SC to see my relatives...and my older cousin got me high for the first time. LOL...I didn't have a clue as to what I was suppose to do...I started smoking the damn thing like a cig...she started freaking out becuase she said I was wasting the weed. Then she showed me the proper way to toke & hold a hit...and later on during the visit showed me how to roll a j.
    I'm 39 now...and still love my weed. There have been some times where I've stopped...but, I always come back to my favorite herb.

  20. I will have been smoking for 11 years in march. I started young too (12 years old) but not that young!

    Peace, love, and ganja!

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