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When you smoke TOO MUCH/ perma fried

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by K1n1, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Is there such thing as smoking so much that you become stupid/perma fried. I actually know someone like that but have always wondered whether this can actually happen.
  2. try it and let us know :smoke:
  3. Im permantently high
  4. So you "know" someone who smokes so much that they become stupid, but you are asking if it can actually happen??

    Well my friend, now I must ask you....
    Is this person you know a real person?
  5. No the worst that can happen after a heavy smoking sesh is an empty fridge and a passed out stoner.
  6. depersonalization. not perma-fried.
  7. ive been smoking for 10 years, every day for the past 4 years and im not perma fried...i remember wondering this same question a few years back and i have yet to come across someone that is inevitably spun out just because of bud....if someone seems permafried its generally a combination of substances
  8. All the perma-fried kids I know are huge ravers. A few girls at my work will roll or drop acid every weekend.

    Funny thing is none of them really like to smoke.
  9. it's true. all the acid droppers/x poppers stick to the party drugs. And i don't consider weed a party drug.
  10. lol im a huge raver, i used to roll every week too....i have to take like 4 of em if i want to even feel it.....i only do it once every couple months now, unless of course i go to a music festival and that calls for ingestion of numerous substances:D
  11. Its a pary medicine.
  12. i dunno man ive always smoked a lot even when i was doin lot of x, my friends as well

  13. How i see it, if you're an idiot you will most likely always be an idiot, if you're smart you will likely always be smart. Yes people can change but being high doesnt make me stupid, at all. that being said, i love the posters above me sig. i say that as a Predators fan. :cool:
  14. I know a lot of people that have no problem with any other drug taking them away for a trip. Yet they have trouble letting loose with cannabis. I think to some people weed is just extremely potent, and to be honest it is pretty underestimated. Idk just some of the ravers that i know, not all of them of course.

  15. I htink u just have that expectation towards your friend so you will notice all the "stupid" things he does, even tho in the same day you will probably do half of the same things without even thinking
  16. okay i see what your sayin, i know what you mean now...i guess i have met a few people that were like that

  17. Shit, THC stops cancer growth, thats pretty powerful to me :eek:

    It can be understated very easily, I remebre when i was on probo for a year, then got high wiht all my friends, took one huge bong rip, was super fucking high. Like really fucking high :smoke: took me a couple weeks to get my tolerance back, but made me realize that people who dont smoke often probably get that high all the time which can be a pretty hefty high lol

  18. The term is permabaked, not permafried lol.:smoke::smoke:
  19. No, you can't get perma-fried dude..
  20. permastoned permabaked permafried......all the same to me

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