When You Smoke Do You...........?

Discussion in 'General' started by MISTALEATHAFACE, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. when you smoke bud do you feel your bodys temp. cool down??? cause it is 93 degrees here and we dont have an air conditioner and i was hot as fuck then i smoked a bowl and
    now i dont feel as hot...holla

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  2. i usually get warmer
  3. i get stoned, but that's just me...


  4. hey me too!

    what a coincidence.....
  5. go figure...
  6. Theres nore blood going around your system when smoking poit more of a chemical reaction increasing your heat.
  7. I don't think it actually lowers body temperature, but if I smoke a bowl in the hot sun, I don't really notice the heat after I'm high. I just... ignore it.
  8. mmmm...smoking, wait, i need to go smoke, never really paid attention to my body heat...
  9. I had the same thing happen to me when I get realy high. Ihad gotten High at my cusins house. first the room was warm and then after we had smoked it felt cool in the room.
    Chronic has been know to make your heart beat rise a little, but with body heat I geuss its different for every person.
  10. o a kinda weird thing is i got really drunk, went outside to smoke with my bro, it was like 30 degrees, hella cold, i was in a short sleeve shirt shorts and no shoes or socks, wow, i was like out there for 2-3 hours...lol i went numb after a while and i fell asleep a few hours later barley having any feeling, sorry didnt really realate to the topic but i guess it had to do with coldness...
  11. I can handle the heat much better after I've smoked some weed. I think it's because the cannabis widens your veins and this helps you cool down faster.

    weed is all the airco I need

  12. my temp s usually like 97.5

  13. really? i thought you meant celcius?
  14. There have been situations where it felt tons cooler: i was outside with some buddies during winter and i was pretty cold before and as soon as i started token up i started shivering like hell. Other than that i mostly warm up.

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