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When you smoke a bowl alone...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by XxAirDalexX, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Do you take your time smoking it or do you just hit it continuously like as soon as you exhale you take another hit till it's done?

    I personally just keep going till it's gone or sometimes I smoke half can finish it off later.
  2. When you say bowl, do you mean a pipe or a bong?
    I basically like to iron lung that shit and take it all in one go, but im of the mindset that coughing gets you higher :bongin:
  3. When I'm solo I tend to drag it out a little and most of the time it's by accident ! I'll start, take 3 good milky rips and get high and kinda forget to keep smoking the rest of the bowl hehe
  4. ^^Same same brotha lol
    unfortunately,I also do this when I'm with my girl smoking as well I'll get stoned after a bit, and I'll pass it to her and start doing shit til she reminds me I was smoking with her

    knives heated dull red
    release sweet smoky nectar
    I am lifted high
  5. i smoke alone all the time only out of my bong  2013-10-19 19.22.00.jpg but i only ever hit it till i'm high as shit then black ops, or now ghosts.
  6. Depends if its a bong or a pipe, if its a pipe I'll hit it a few times in a row as soon as its packed, but as I get higher at my desk I'll start slowing down until theres like, a quarter of a bowl left or something. 
    If its a bong, although mine was stolen, I like to take snappers
  7. When I had my bong I loved taking snappers but I used it so damn much that it got to the point where I would snap a whole bowl in a rip haha thos days were wild but now my tolerance is low again
  8. And when I said bowl in my original post I mean a spoon pipe. I was smoking and I started thinking how I just rip on it as fast as possible so I can get high and back to my other shit haha.

    When I'm with friends we usally take our time smoking a bowl talking n chilling
  9. get a smaller bowl for your bong.
  10. It depends. During the summer time and warmer months, I take my time. Because I am usually out in my man cave.  But right now I smoke in my car and I speed it up because its so cold.
  11. I personally put my sea mine in (glass gauze ) then pack the bowl out.
    Using a hemp wick, I burn a corner of the bowl first, so just a quarter of the bowl at a time, then wait an hour then blaze another little corner.
    I get 3 -4 decent rips this way and can spread those rips out over 2 - 3 hours depending on potency.
     So that's one bowl a night for me these days!

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