When you see it yu'll shit bricks.

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  1. Yup lets doit GC post your when you see it you'll shit bricks pics. Heres mine[​IMG]

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Im not quite sure about this one
    Obviously photo shopped below
  2. I didn't see anything in those except the one with the black guy peeking in the window :confused_2:
  3. other than,
    nothing will make me shit bricks...
  4. lol keep looking!
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    **************WARNING SPOILERS**************************

    I can see a few of them, the first foggy one if you look in the background top left it sort of looks like godzilla coming out of the mist, the sesame seeds on the hamburger look like a face, theres a face coming out under the bed near the chair on the picture with girl with the huge knockers

  6. is there supposed to be somthing in there or is it just cops?
  7. I see the burger with the face from sesame, the dinosaur in the first one, and the face coming out from under the bed. The rest of them, I don't really see anything.
  8. Kid pointing at you has 4 fingers lol. I never get these...
  9. ok, i didnt see shit in half of those. i have half a mind to think you're fuckin with me...
  10. Found the moon one too, can't tell what the water + cliffs thing is nor the one with the house and the dog :(.
  11. ok on the motorcycle one, the trees on the right kind of look like a kangaroo... that's real subtle tho. on the cliffs one, theres a rock formation that looks like balls and a shaft, but i dont know if that's what it's supposed to be. i see nothing in the one with the girl posing in front of the ocean and still nothing in that front yard.
  12. the cliffs one and the dog one are also giving me troubles... :ponders: :confused_2:
  13. ok on the cliff on the left, it kind of looks like there's a face half underwater. still don't know if that's it though, i didn't shit bricks.
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    Far right window of the house with the dog looks like an enlarged zoom in of a face, but that might not be it.


    Also here's a really cool one

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    Look in the tree to the right of the dog, on the leaf.

    The one with the girl posing infront of the scenery is the scenery itself, its a painting.

  16. I prefer shitting purple twinkies as opposed to bricks. Much more ergonomically correct for shitting.
  17. in the one of the moon the moon is also coming up like the earth would be

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