When you see it, you'll shit brix.

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    Lol check it out, post a picture for people to look at. I'll start. www.shitbrix.com - pick one out and post it here :)

    Forum Game : Figure out the secrect in the picture above you, then go to ww.shitbrix.com and post one for another person to do the same.

  2. haha the 2nd ones good, the first one sucks^


    ^I'm laughing sooo fucking hard at that one
  3. oh haha, the second took a while. but the first i still dont get...
  4. the face on the right, in the shadows
  5. Theres a black dude in the crack on the right side of the first one.
  6. lol that shit is weird man!
  7. i cant find any of them can you point them out. I can only find the 1st one

  8. the last three I posted, look under the red circle, look in the trees on the second and look in the closet area on the third
  9. :metal:
  10. Watch out obama^

  11. LMAO now i get this game
  12. I dont see it in the asian one, the girl with the most fucked up teeth in the world?

    The 2nd one though, saw it instantly and couldn't stop laughing, lol.
  13. I like that LOL one...


  14. [​IMG]

    I was dying laughing, damn.
  15. i dont get the scrabble one or the asian one. anyone care to help?
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    Look to the right of the girls at the potplant theres a little man standing next to it.

    I'll give you a hint on the 1st scrabble.

  17. [​IMG]

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