When you see a sad scene in a movie while stoned..

Discussion in 'Movies' started by CHED, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I feel like its incredibily enhanced. My eyes can even start welling at times! Anyone get this?

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  2. the saddest part of a movie I've seen while high is when I thought mac and devin werent going to graduate highschool

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  3. Yes for sure, one of the reasons I like to watch movies stoned on my own.  
  4. I completely agree. Most of the time though, for me, it's at incredibly stupid things. Most recently was when I was watching Superbad. The part where seth and evan are arguing and Seth is saying that Evan bailed. I was on the verge of tears. I didn't cry though because the scene played out much funnier after that. 
  5. Yes, definitely! Normally just when I'm chillin by myself though. I just watched the new Spike Jonze movie, Her, and i thought it was fantastic. The movie had those lonely moments where you really felt what Theodore (the main character) was going through.
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  6. not so much with the sad parts of movies, but like serious mind fuck parts. like the first time i watched Fight Club and Spun back to back. spun was a little different for me though. when i got to the end of the movie, i felt like i was at a funeral. i felt almost sick to my stomach. i took a shower after i turned off Spun.
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  7. As long as it is done well, otherwise if just mucking with your emotions 
  8. I agree 100% and most of the time It's because it hits home even harder, alluding to the fact that I strongly relate to what's going on in the scene.

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