when you see a huge ass spider in your basement

Discussion in 'General' started by Marianas, May 16, 2011.

  1. do you trap it in a cup and try to get it high
  2. Lighter+deodorant spray without any hesitation.

  3. i think when it gets to a certain size it is legally considered an animal... then burning it would be illegal
  4. A spider isn't technically an animal, but I know we can't talk about animals getting high.

    I would kill the fucker on sight. I hate the hell out of spiders.
  5. OMG I smack the fuck out of it! I hate spiders,
  6. scream, murder, then insult it.

  7. I would do this in reverse.
  8. Impossible, I don't have a basement.
  9. I've seen professional tough guys scream like little girls when encountered with little spiders :D

    I have blown smoke an a spider once when i was smoking on a friends roof, waaay back. It was just chilling on its web. I don't know if it got high though. I guess you would have to ask it:smoke:

  10. i kind of hate them too but today i had the strong urge to pet it when i saw it so i touched it and it just chilled

  11. :eek: What?!

    The first part of your sentence freaked me, the second part just astounded me.
  12. 1. Catch spider
    2. Nuke in microwave
    3. Let it bite you
    4. Become Spiderman
    5. ???
    6. Profit

    Edit: And for god's sake fuck Mary Jane already you twat.
  13. Depends on how big it is. If it's one of those tiny ones I'll leave it. If it's big enough to catch my eye when it move it's dead.

    I really only have a problem with flying bugs..too unpredictable flying around all crazylike.
  14. A couple summers back I was in my basement and just so happened to look up to see a HUGE black spider on my wall.:eek: This spider was abnormally large and quite frankly it scared the shit out of me. That said I felt I would use my expert exterminating skills to get rid of this beast. After heavy fire from my pellet rifle (probably not the brightest idea to fire at a cinder block wall) and then getting smashed by a metal baseball bat this spider was clearly no match for me. Mission Accomplished!:hello:

    (I actually believe I still have pictures I took of it while it was on the wall. Going to check when I get home in the next couple days and if I do I will be sure to post.)
  15. Technically it is..

  16. yea then i smoked it out and released it outside but it just chilled there too
  17. hell nah dawg, you know he dead.

    Spiders are my biggest fear.

  18. yep, then they get smashed, i only do it to spiders and bee`s or the, big fat hornets.
  19. I lol'd.

    Picture: "FUCK YOU SPIDER! Die! Grah! (stabbing noise)...AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

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