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when you oldies dont post

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. i miss ya :) so whats been up with all my fellow fof's or whatever you boys was callin yourselfs? whats up with my oldies?....unoit i know ya been lurkin,...i seen ya :)...not heard too much from pufffy either,..
    im waitin for budheads story on how he's learned to relax!... havent heard much from stonygurl, say ya lurkin a time or two also ;) SOOooo whatya been up to?justme?...
    ill man's teaching our kid about turkey hunting.THAT NOISE WILL DRIVE A PERSON CRAZY! if imnot mistaken the little trip doesnt start for 2 weeks.
    hhhm lts see, oh the HIghlight of my weekend...dopemans brother got picked up for omvi. TRUE STORY,..guy was drunk as shit no weed and the cop just pocketed our friend 'crackhead's whole bottle of valiums.(*this does not suprise me, but made crackhead very sad,lol) lests just say its a good thing my man DID NOT tell me it was HE! who loaned 'crackhead some of the BAIL. he did the right thing by getting it back then goine "babe,...blah,blah,blah
    crackhead is not the kinda person who pays people back its a miracle!!!!!. :D
    an,...springs here finally,...well kinda, thats always fun
  2. Well i'll tell ya how to relax! All ya have to do is get some bad ass herb, come home early, smoke till ya ass is laid out. Then when ya think ya have smoked enough, Hit that shit a couple more times!!!!!!!!!!

    Really, how does a person who has way to much to do and a baby due in a little over a month relax.

    Momma keeps telling me we need to get a bed, then a highchair, a playpin, a dresser for the clothes, etc,etc,etc,etc....
    I told her we would get the baby a dresser and use one of the drawers for a bed. Got my ass chewed again!!!!!!

    I can't win for loosing!!!!!!!!

    HOW THE HELL do ya RELAX! sorry about that. I think i'll go hit the BONG again real hard!

    Back to relaxing. I am leaving work after putting in ten hours a day and only working six days a week. Then I'll sit in the shop till i have a good buzz going on. I'll get in the house, eat supper, kick back in my new lazyboy recliner, and dare some one to talk to me for at least two hours.

    Oh yea i go down to my lake and fish every chance i get. Some times i don't think thats too relaxing though!hahaha

    Does that answer your question miss highya?hehehehe
    I can't think of anything else at the moment. If i do i'll post it for ya honey!
  3. BTW I love the outfit you are wearing!

    Ya look so sexy in it. Or is that out of it?

    STML again!!!
  4. *lol* turkey callin, eh! Could be worse, they could be having farting contests, like they do around here (or maybe they do that, too ;) that case you do have it worse than me hehe)

    Life is pretty quiet here. The kid busy with his paper route (even started investing his $$ little shit! If I was that smart at that age.....) I've been half-assed job looking. Not too hard, though. The job I have now does have its perks. Just, I don't know..... feeling restless a little, I guess. Spring is definitely here! I feel some changes starting to brew in my life.

    Oh! and I finally, FINALLY took down my christmas lights tonight right after work. Got all baked and then climbed up that ladder..! Halfway done, I realized that I could have just yanked them down and be done with it. Oh well, lesson learned.

    Bud Head, you don't sound like you're taking it very easy! Better slow down a little. I envy you that alone time in the evening, though. Like, tonight, I have a meeting in a half an hour. Did sneak a quick buzz, but now I gotta go make dinner then hit the meeting. Aw, now I'm complaining about not relaxing enough. oops!

    So, that sums it up for me. Here comes the kid home on his bike, so I better get leftovers heated up lol!
  5. Talk about relaxing, stony you need to slow down to at least 98 miles an hour!

    When i was working 14-16 hours a day and sometimes more, I think i am on vacation now!

    I do need to do more fishing and general goofing off.
    I am going to take this weekend offf from work so i can start getting ready for the fouth of July. It takes a good two months to set up for the Bar-B-Q and fire works. Ya'll are invited to come on down.
  6. Critter your exactly right. I have slowed down to what most people consider working to much. I am going to slow down even more over the next month or so.

    When this baby gets here i am taking a week off. I'll probably have to be put in a mental instatute after that!hashahaha
  7. Turkeys like crazy in my woods,,to bad you can't send them over to thin them out a

    I've been waiting for the spring thaw myself..can't wait to see my little one(2yr old girl)ride around in that shiny new powerwheels Barbie jeep.....that outta be wild..

    glad you got that bail money back....I was not so lucky with my nephew....

  8. Ostony,.. you should she see my darling very cute 7 year old proudly proclaim "THAT fart was MIne!"
    funny thing about turkeys...they sound a little different in the wild...ya know gobble-gobble an all that, not threre playing hens or somthing, nails ona chalkboard. anyhow im glad there not doing it today. ...yet.

    i forgot to reall really make the point about crackhead the drunk driver....the cop totally pocketed dudes pills. kep'em i do find that kinda smirky.
    christmas lights???does it count if there JUST in the trees? we at least gotem off the house :D
    ndica,you are in for a spectacular time.
    budhead darlin, you just let momma do her nesting. she'll take care of everything. BABIES CANNOT SLEEP IN DAWERS! ;)
  9. What is wrong with putting a baby in a drawer on a blanket next to the bed??? I slept in one till i was almost six months old! lol

    Momma is taking care of the nesting. She is just driving me crazy telling me I have to do this or that and i need to get this or that . Hell i have to work for a living. I need 65 hours in a day just to keep up!!!!!!!!
  10. I'm as flat as a rug on valium! Got a new flag for the flagpole. Took down the old star bangled banner and put up a "Don't tread on me" flag all yellow with a big ass rattlesnake on it.

  11. BPP are you going to kiss my bald head?

  12. Just honoring the mates who deserve our respect!
  13. Nice flag isn't it...How big a flag did you get?Was it pricey?



  14. 3' x 5' around $30 plus I got the matching flag sticker for my truck
  15. HIGH All, I'll third that. So where are ya HIGHa BUDdy!!! Doing what Mrs Critters done...maxing out the cards *LOL*.
  16. at least mrs critter is still maxing out the cards ,lol.
  17. damn you critter!!

    hahaha i always read posts and i get all confused on whats going on... and then its usually the last of 30 posts that i realize the thread is a year old!!

    haha, gettin tired of what we're spittin out for you eh?? ill work hard on some good thought provoking threads.
  18. l do seem to be missing the story telling that used to go on alot more :D
  19. Smokinokie had the best stories! Hey Critter, when I first joined, I remember the ongoing sagas between you, Smokinokie, Mr & Mrs Dingusus, and others. They were so fun!!

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