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When you know it's time.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Golden Spiral, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. My bong, oh my bong. I have to put you down. It's been too much for you my friend. Beautiful history we have. But now you have to rest and I need to move on. I love you and I will not forget you. But I know it's been enough.
    -TheCRToker's Eulogy to his bong

    So today, my trusty friend finally gave up. He's suffered too much. He's broken twice. Once chipped it a little while cleaning it, got hit with the sink... Another time a 'friend' tipped it and the downstem. Let's not forget the numerouse amount of bowls i've dropped. Today after I just broke another bowl decided i need a new bong.

    You ever had to put down a bong? Share.
    What kind of bong should I get now? He was a straight tube, he hat so hard(?)!
    I was thinking of a bubble one.
    I don't know. What should i get? Reasonable prices too.
  2. if there was a crack , I wouldnt even bother fixing it , the way it hits is no longer the same that piece of air that opened up fked up the flow. im rambling but im baked as fuck :smoking: .

    I say go for another bong a bubbler or a chillum , those thigns look freaking awsome search it on youu tube:D
  3. [​IMG]

    ^^ I bought this bong a couple of years ago. It cost me 150 dollars. I found it in a gas station and it was the biggest bong ive ever owned or seen. All glass. We smoked out of it 3 times before the down-stem smashed against the wall and broke. Back then i didnt know people made downstems and i could of gotten another one. But instead i took the bong and broke it that same night. I tossed it in a empty parking lot and watched it smash into hundreds of pieces. 150 dollars in one day. And i only smoked out of it 3 times. SHWAG!. Man do i regret throwing it :(:(

  4. It has no cracks, and i didn't fixed it hehe. a piece of the base chipped. It's airtight.

    Indeed i'm going for another bong, i already got me a bubbler and a chillum. and a spoon, and a glass blunt(broke too :( ).

    Aww man that sucks ass! What a nice piece!
  5. Lol hat as the past tense of hit? Somebodies stoned.
  6. #6 The Golden Spiral, Jan 11, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 11, 2013
    Indeed I am my friend :smoke:
    And yeah
  7. I didn't see anyone say "hat" lol I scoured this entire thread. Post deleted?
  8. Oh man for a minute I thought this was another "Putting down marijuana foreverzzz. Gotta move on and become an adultzzz" or something like that. Glad it's not!

    I don't have a bong :(

  9. It's in the original post. :wave:

    Haha yeah lots of'em around.
    Aw man get one! They are the shit! You won't regret it :p I'm looking for a new one! Get one too! Water pieces get you riiiiiped!
    Any other piece maybe you had to say good bye to?

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