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When You Gut A Blunt...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lapse, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. What do yall do with that tobacco?

    If I'm not rollin' the blunt... I'll start rollin my own ciggarettes with that paper... Its pretty tight sometimes... Cuz ya know, you get like... I dunno how many ciggarettes outta there... But shit, those ciggarettes are like free considering you woulda just thrown that tobacco away...

    Or am I just a little bit odd?
  2. i sort of leave it lying on the side until it gradually disappears into the carpet...
  3. Toss that shizzie.. Its kinda nasty anyways
  4. tobacco is wacko, haha
  5. I mix the weed with a little bit of tobacco... (around 75% weed, 25% tobacco) to help it burn better, doesnt affect the taste much, burns nice that way.
  6. Thats ghetto.. lol
  7. i throw that shit out...
  8. Yup, toss that shit. 100% weed is the only thing that goes in my blunts, other than a little saliva from sealing it up :D

  9. Me too LOL!!
  10. garbage can. :p

    i dont think its the same kind of tabbaco as ciggerete tabacco btw
  11. Plus the cigars your using are most likely low end (Phille Blunts, Dutch Master, Garcia Vega) which is why they are <$1. If you made a blunt with a fine cigar the tobacco inside would be better tasting and just be better quality in general.
  12. tobacco...ew :p
  13. in a real expensive cigar, its not the fine tobacco like you would find in a smoke, it is still in the leaf form, just big rolled up leaves.
  14. Split the blunt then trash the bacco..
  15. dump the guts and don't look twice! LOL
  16. weed is all you need, chuck that shizz!

  17. it is, but i dont think it even has nicotine in it.
  18. I dont put that shit in my blunt... EVER
  19. Break your blunt down, get ALL the tobacco out, THROW THAT SHIT OUT and forget it, load it up, roll it up, GET BLITZED!!!

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