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  1. Do you ask any questions when you go into the hydro shop? I understand there are a lot of gray areas which you dont want to speak of what your doing, but at times may require throwing out some figures that may include how many plants you may have and space.

    How much do you talk to your grow shop person? Do you just walk in walk out kinda deal?
    I dont mind asking questions, because i really want to make sure i am getting the right product.
  2. Tomato plants are remarkably similar in all there needs as mj is. From lighting to nutes. Just use them as the plant your talking about. Usually what effects MJ effects them.
  3. I've never asked store personel for growing advice. When I go shopping for the grow, I have a list ready. The most I'd ask a garden store employee is what do they carry, where is a certain item or section, etc.
  4. Just do your research online first and know what you want and then go in, buy it and leave.

    I am friends with the person who owns my hydroponics shop and we both grow so......
  5. The hydro store I goto for the brand of nutes I use the owner will openly talk about pot and so will his wife. The funny thing is that his first name is Bud and he went to Humboldt University, he was gonna major in journalism and I think its easy to figure out where he went from there. LOL.
  6. hahhaha yea true that that's cool,

    you really need to judge how the person in the hydro shop speaks to you, if they are sketchy just do your own thing.
  7. Reply in bold.

  8. It just depends on were you are I live in Michigan were its legal to grow medical marijuana. I have several local hydro shops some have employees that grow as some have owner's that grow so I found one with cool guys that all grow and have no problem talking about ANYTHING you need. So if your not doing anything illegal than find a "cool" store and make it your go to spot.
  9. i live in SF where most people i would assume get cards, and my grow shop, you kinda kinda talk openly about it.

    "I have a plant in the 3 week of flowering.... what should i get"

    "I have nats or spidermite on my vegging plants... what can i do"

    Be ambiguous, but ask your questions directly for best answers.

    Chances are since they work at the grow shop they grow too....

  10. Pretty much exactly what i do, no more no less. Get the facts, and get the best answer.
  11. What answers can you get a "grow shop" that you cant get here ?

    Here You have an overwhelming abundance of knowledgeable people with real world experience

  12. A good comparison and any information you may have missed on there website is mainly the reason for asking questions. Also reassurance from someone you can meet in person, and get some other feedback from there other products.

    GC can't know what your grow shop carries, so the shop would be the best place to try and ask at least the basics.

    For example i was wondering about the light bulbs and if they really can produce that much more for paying an extra 50 bucks. They said it wont so much produce more of what your growing, but how well your bulb will work. Shit like that.

    It gets really gray when you start asking about cloning gel. I didn't want the jar that would give you like 100+ clones, i told them i only planed on having a few in the next few months, so they sold me a little pouch that is good for maybe 5 clones each.

    Again, the term clone is only refereed to marijuana, so using the term cutting would have avoided any complications i suppose.

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