When you go out in public while stoned, do you think that everyone knows you are high

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. When I go out in public after smoking, I always get really paranoid that everyone is starting at me and knows that I am high, however illogical this is, I always get this whenever i go out. I dont' really care at the time, but it is a very strange feeling. Does anyone else ever get this feeling?
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  2. all the time man but i don't really worry about it too much.. they're just missing out :D
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  3. yo, this reminds me of a story that happened to me the first week of August this year.

    Three of my good stoner friends were with me staying in a dual queen suite in The Venetian resort in Las Vegas. We smoked about half an ounce in like a day in blunts. This was my first time smoking a huge amount and I was blazed as a motherfucker. I put on my sunglasses, and together we decided that we should go for a walk on the strip at like 4:45am on a saturday night (technically sunday morning).

    well, we get in the elevator (there were about three that we had to take; the venetian is fucking huge) and of course we reek of weed based on how much we smoked, and i'm blazed out of my mind.

    we go down one floor and some couple gets in the elevator too. i sort of look away and i'm smiling dumbly and leaning a little bit to my right. I must have looked silly, because the guy laughs and goes "damn, you guys smoked up? this kid looks lit!" at which point i collapse completely into laughter and fall over whimpering. they all laugh are are like "damn that must have been some good shit!"

    we then go walking, and the venetian security just looks at me and are about to stop me but i whip out my V.I.P. suite card and they just step off. I was impressed with myself haha.

    Of course... there HAVE been times when people have caught me and not been quite so friendly in public, but those aren't nearly as much fun.
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  4. I don't think "they" have a clue...

    That could stem from the fact that I don't care if they did know. But I have talked to Police Officers on multiple occasions times under the influence on multiple drugs, and everyone one of them would promise you I was sober as a Judge. So, I reckon if I can pull it off around the only people I'd actually be nervous around, the drones walking about in public should be no problem.

    Unless you smell like freshly smoked herb, have red eyes, and/or can't control your motor functions; they've got nothing. How do you guys imagine someone can know how you are percieving the world around you?

    That's a social paranoia anyway, not because of the herb.
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  5. I don't think they know b/c I act responsibly, even if they do, I don't give a shit (my parents are chill with it)
    shit, I NEVER use clear eyes/visine

    but when I was younger, I went to mcd's after a party and the clerk told another clerk that I looked so fucking high, in spanish, right in front of my face.

    she didn't know I was spanish, most ppl say I look italian, but anyway I asked her in spanish "what did you say about me? I look high?!? What?" she was soo embarrassed haha, and I was so high and drunkk
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  6. i think sometimes the lady at mcdonald's knows...she just gives me this look. also i'm pretty sure the people at the gas station know...though i think the purchase of many a chocolate or cherry vanilla blunt wrap and giant bottle of water may give it away as well. haha, but besides that i'm pretty sure other people don't know
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  7. Yea, but then I think "there loss" and start smiling.

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  8. Yeah like when I'm just walking along and someone just glances at me as they pass I keep thinking, shit they know I'm baked! but they probably don't
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  9. Eh, I've always had a weird paranoia about people looking at me in public, if anything Cannabis helps ease those symptoms.
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  10. I completley agree with this much. Im straight under the influence.

    But yes i believe many know it. But fuck em, What they gon do? Call the cops? Let em. I aient worried.
  11. Same goes for me. I'm pretty sure everyone in a 35+ mile radius knows I smoke.
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  12. once i stepped out of my truck reeking of ganj to go grocery shopping, and i see a guy talking to his younger (maybe 11 or so) daughter, saying "smell that, thats marijuana, and you better stay far away from that smell, i bet he doesnt even know he's addicted"

    then they both shot me a look like i bought grapes and whipped cream, and left...while eating the grapes, looking happy, not hurting anyone...and then when i was at a stop sign in the parking lot i turned out of my window yelled "HEY MISTER, WHATS WITH THE HATE?" and drove off, looking at his stunned face in the rear view

    i normally dont care, law enforcement doesnt see me as a stoner, i am well groomed, well mannered, polite, and often accepting...alot of times they dont even give me a ticket...:hello:
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  13. Eh, sometimes. Usually I think that the drive-through people know I'm high, if only for the fact that i'm ordering 14 double cheeseburgers at two in the morning.
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  14. I go to the local cafe, where everyone is ALSO stoned, hahaha! :cool::cool:

    I love toronto.
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  15. i get the same feeling. but think about it this way, you are looking at the other people, they are just doing the same thing. Just think about the lady that thinks you are stoned, she is probably worried if her hair looks ok.
  16. Man, When i was maybe 15-16 me n my pops jus started smoking together. We smoked maybe 10-15 times together and we left to mcdonalds right after smoking 2 joitns and we were stoned haha, Good herb.

    Right at the drivethru window she starts laughin sayin im blowed and i jus could barley comprehend haha, Was funny as hell.
  17. If im outside and stoned its usually during the day. Im usually behind shades with the iPod on. So no, I do not think most people would know that im stoned. Well.. what I like to call the "stoned grin" might be a dead give away though. You know that feeling.. the music is just sounding so good in your head..blazzed as hell.. its a beautiful day out and you got that grin on your face like you just won a million dollars.
  18. not all people, but i think that some can tell.. but i don't give a fuck either way i'm never ashamed to be high lol
  19. I'm exactly the same way. Whenever I'm around people that are sober I get paranoid and think that they know I'm high and shit. I don't try and hide it either, I don't use visine or anything.

    btw, why did you get banned on bb.com?
  20. for trolling and racism.

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