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When You First Started Smoking..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ferrisbuellerr, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. What was the least amount of herb you bought, and for how much? Also, what is the sketchiest place you've ever bought weed?

  2. Just started smoking. Bought an ounce of dank off my brother for $80. So I guess the sketchiest place was my room which is pretty clean, safe and calm.
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    Least I've ever bought is a £10 bag. Sketchiest place was right in front of my college when everyone was leaving the building. There's about 2000-3000 people there and the streets become crowded near it at 4ish. My dealer shit himself, but he played it cool by walking with me for 10 minutes and slapping my hand like a G to give me the weed when he saw me. I've also done it across the street from a police station (was so stoned I didn't notice it was there til' I was leaving), and the side of my local cinema in the town centre. 
  4. smallest ive ever picked up was .5 for $5 dollars. sketchiest place ive ever picked up was on school grounds in the parking lot there was a security gaurd in a golf cart there the whole time and i just walked in my dealers car in the parking lot and he sold me some weed.
  5. My first time I got it free, and I have received more for free since then. It was really shitty dirt weed and I was so confused how to smoke it, I did the stupid soda can trick.
    Sketchiest place? I was 17 at the mall with my parents and right when I was excusing myself to 'go look at that store', he walked up and that went down, like 20 feet from my parents. I just told them I knew him from school and owed him some money xD
  6. Smallest quantity I ever bought was an eighth. Sketchiest spot was either at my high school's parking lot or at the local pharmacy.
  7. I bought mine at a school it was 5 bucks but man it was worth it I got really high for 14hrs my dealer said it wasn't laced but I bet it probably was.
  8. In a college classroom in a class of 15 people.
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    I had a some weed from a friend sitting around for months before I first smoked it. lol And it would only take me 0.05grams to get a good high, so it lasted along time. sketchiest place, not really anywhere sketchy.
  10. Least i bought was a gram for $5, It was when i was in middle school in the middle of changing classes. He put it in the inside sleeve of a folder and handed me the folder,Thing that made it sketchy was the dean of boys and the school cop were walking down the hall towards us and he had been arrested there for weed before apparently. Nothing happened thankfully they kept walking.
  11. i bet your probably just a pussy
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    Pretty consistently buy 1/2 O...
    I was on vacation in Cancun and was in the area of the outside shops in downtown cancun....
    A shop owner approached me asking me if I wanted some blow...I promptly responded "no but would like some weed if ya got it"..
    He asked me to follow up him... We walked about 4 blocks and ended up in the top level of a really old building...
    I walked through the door and noticed 20 - 25 Mexican guys playing cards and drinking...He led me over to a desk where he pulled an enormous bag of weed out of one of the drawers... On the desk laid 2 machetes. 
    Felt like I was getting stared down by every guy in the room the whole time I was there..
    Kept my calm.. Bought my weed... Left as quickly as possible... Then got HIGH AS FUCK!!
  13. Best post in this thread so far. Thank you.
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    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 8, 2013 gonna be honest...i cant ever remember your question so i have to keep going up n back down ect but umm
    id say 2.56 which got me around .4 gram  i bought 3 Oz right in broad daylight infront of a bestbuy and a mall right infront of the doors like i care
  15. Least amount- I was 14 and bout a nick ($5) of reggie , it was a gram so whatever.
    Sketchiest deal- ummm never really had a sketchy deal. I guess this one time I was buying some bud it was 100% obvious it was a skimped bag so I told him I wanted a refund hahaha funniest part was I actually got my refund. Dealer or not I don't take shit like that.
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    I once bought a $1 sac in high school, can't say I'm proud of that. And sketchiest place had to be at school, wed do deals in the hallways dealers would act like they're talking to you and put it in your locker
  17. An ounce...but they were $10 back then! :eek: Bought my first kilo for $65! :eek: :eek:  
    Sketchiest place? High school bleachers (long ago)! I am usually cautious about who and where I get my cannabis from.
    You know if all 500,529 GC blades got their act together and became activists, we could get cannabis LEGAL and the prices could start dropping back toward reality! (Tomatoes and cannabis are about equally hard to grow- how much do you pay for a gram of tomatoes?)
    Granny  :wave:
  18. first time i smoked a blunt with my older brother when i was 9. then i didnt do it for a couple years. at 12 i bought it from some mexicans that lived around the block from me out in the country. 5$ for a gram or so i dont remember lol long time agoo!
  19. and as far as sketchiest places.. shit everywhere besides my front yard is sketchy. ive bought weed pretty much everywhere. all kinds of places
  20. when i first started smoking, i'd constantly buy dubs with my idiot friends. smoke a gram a day almost every day in a blunt. so 20 bucks for a dub, less than a gram usually. this was back in the high school
    the sketchiest place i ever bought weed was probably at work
    now i typically buy a Q and try to conserve so it'll last about two months if i'm lucky. 90-100 bucks for a Q

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