When you find out your rents smoke.

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  1. My mom came down to visit me in college this weekend (dad had to work). So I showed her the town and the sights and stayed with her in the hotel so she wouldn't be alone.

    Background: I found out about 4 months ago they started smoking, which really startled me because growing drugs were very frowned upon in our house. I didn't mind they smoked just because me and my sister are both out of the house, and they live very successful lives. Now I didn't let them know that I knew (obvious signs like lighters in their bathrooms, eye drops, and 420 alarms on their phones)

    Well anyways I come back to the hotel with some fresh clothes and my moms taking a shower. I sit and watch tv and I hear a lighter click and some coughing (I lol'd) she comes out and sees me laughing and she knows I got her. She finally tells me that her and my dad started smoking a couple months back, that they needed a safe and enjoyable outlet now that they're older and hopes I don't judge her. I then tell her I knew all along and I approve as long as it doesn't effect their work and ability to live. After that the whole weekend we talked about weed and how its enhancing her life and making her a nicer person and more motherly.

    It's so nice when you can talk about taboo things with your rents :)


    Anyones rents smoke?
  2. i dont think mine do anymore (my dad might have back in the day). but my room mates dad blazes, and so does my girlfriends parents. apparently part of the reason they split up was the dad growing in some random closet
  3. Did you smoke with her?
  4. Yeah man. Before she leaves smoke a bowl with her or something. Chill out and talk, it won't hurt.

    Glad to hear your parents found the beauty in the herb, and use it respectably in their daily lives.
  5. SMoke with her then get some domeski.
  6. I first toked with my Mom on my wedding day. Sadly, it didn't take-, she smoked a few times and that was it. Her alcoholism eventually killed her. (I'm 4 years older than she was when she died, and in FAR better health!)

    Dad didn't mind when I toked in front of him. His comment?- "At least yours smells better than the stuff your brother had!" He declined the offer of a toke. And that was that. I suspect he had tried it in during his Navy days, but didn't care for it.

    Now, Leaf, you really need to introduce your parents to my List, so they can see what cannabis ACTUALLY is, besides a nice way to relieve stress and get high! So click that first link in my sig, call them over and dare them to "just read all the titles"! ;)

    If you don't want them wandering around GC, just send me an email (bottom of my sig) and I send you back a PDF of my even bigger List to put on your desktop! :yay:

    Granny :wave:
  7. I found my dad smoking in the basement and he only said 2 words to me...
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr0CRLqx5xs&feature=related]SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA - YouTube[/ame]
  8. It's pretty cool when you get to be able to smoke with your rents. It causes a lot of mutual respect between you.
  9. [quote name='"Jimmy Carter"']Did you smoke with her?[/quote]

    Haha yea she carries a one hitter when she's outta town and told me to go easy it's strong stuff smh :)
  10. [quote name='"Captain Canada"']It's pretty cool when you get to be able to smoke with your rents. It causes a lot of mutual respect between you.[/quote]

    It actually did open up a whole other relationship with her. I feel like I can pretty much share anything her, unlike before it was just life related things.
  11. Word I smoked with my dad for the first time yesterday haha. Definitely helps with bonding
  12. [quote name='"kamselvi"']Word I smoked with my dad for the first time yesterday haha. Definitely helps with bonding[/quote]

    So Saws a no good, two faced, pinching dealer..
  13. [quote name='"TheGreenLeaf67"']

    So Saws a no good, two faced, pinching dealer..[/quote]

    Sorry man wrong thread again! Smoking to much geez..

  14. wait did you just say you wanted him to get dome from his mom?
  15. yeeahh I was a little confused at first too.

  16. stevooo knows where it's at.
  17. aww dat sweet cheeba haha nice man.
  18. [quote name='"voorhee"']SMoke with her then get some domeski.[/quote]

    I am laughing, you sick fuck
  19. My dad got me a half a zip as a stocking stuffer last Christmas; its so much less stressful when they get with the program.
  20. Well my parents were products of the 60's and 70's....so they've always been pretty chill with it.

    Few years back my dad told me he had been a stoner from age 15 to 30...he started his own business at 25 too, and he still runs it. Said the only reason he quit was to start a family, he just never picked it up again.

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